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August 7th, 2018
HELP Inc. Names Janice Mulanix New Regional Director

PHOENIX, August 07, 2018 – HELP Inc., the provider of PrePass and other truck safety services, has named Janice Mulanix […]

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August 5th, 2018
Here’s How One Fleet Keeps Tabs On Its Inspection Selection System Score

When you have a trucking fleet as large as Swift Transportation, with more than 20,000 employees and tens of thousands […]

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August 1st, 2018
HELP Inc. and Alinda Capital Partners Announce New Strategic Partnership

PHOENIX, July 31, 2018 – HELP Inc., the owner and provider of PrePass® weigh station bypassing and other advanced truck safety […]

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July 31st, 2018
Podcast #5: New Laws and Regulation Changes. What They Mean For Trucking And You.

Guest: Warren Hoemann, Industry Expert There has been a wave of changes that have taken place when it comes to […]

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July 31st, 2018
Is Now the Time to Allow Younger Interstate Truck Drivers?

A pilot program unveiled by the U.S. Transportation Department is bringing increased attention to the issue of allowing younger people […]

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July 25th, 2018
New Federal and State Rules That May Affect You

Professional fleets and drivers know it is good business to stay safe, legal and compliant. That can mean keeping an […]

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July 20th, 2018
5 Things PrePass Does NOT Do

To set the record straight and clear up any misconceptions, we’ve put together a list of five things that PrePass doesn’t do, based on what we’ve heard the most often.

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July 16th, 2018
Podcast #4: How to Benefit from Operation Safe Driver Week and Brake Safety Week

Guest: Terry Maple with HELP Inc This week, July 15-21, truck drivers are receiving extra scrutiny from law enforcement across […]

July 11th, 2018
Are Your Trucks & Drivers Ready for Operation Safe Driver Week and Brake Safety Week?

Two nationwide safety enforcement efforts are lined up for the coming months as part of an effort toward the goal […]

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July 5th, 2018
PrePass Discusses Truck Safety Scores on SiriusXM’s Road Dog Trucking Radio

What all goes into making up a trucking company safety scores was just one of many topics discussed earlier this […]

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July 5th, 2018
Podcast #3: It’s Not My Fault! (Part Two)

Guest: Warren Hoemann, Industry Expert There is a recently started program from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration that allows […]

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July 3rd, 2018
Improving Your Hours of Service Compliance

By: Steve Vaughn, National Director of Field Operations, HELP Inc. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) compiles data in […]

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