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PrePass is the leading provider of weigh station bypass and toll payment services in the United States. Through an integration with Pedigree Technologies, the PrePass weigh station bypass app is available from within the Pedigree's Cab-Mate ELD solutions. This integration allows qualified motor carriers using OneView to access PrePass weigh station bypass notifications and driver safety ALERTS™ from the OneView platform.

Over a Decade of Telematics Excellence

Pedigree Technologies is an award-winning provider of transportation solutions allowing customers to manage vehicles, equipment, and workers from anywhere, on any device. The OneView platform is highly customizable and flexible, spawning an extraordinary range of solutions for People (enterprise), Safety (compliance), and Performance (service/supply chain).

Pedigree Technologies has been in the electronic logging business for over a decade and has the most compliant, intuitive, and reliable ELD solutions on the market. Pedigree's Cab-Mate devices are fully certified in both the United States and Canada, include all exemptions, and are available in English, French, and Spanish. Pedigree provides 24x7x365 domestic customer service.

Bypass Weigh Stations with the PrePass app

PrePass is the leading weigh station bypass and toll payment service in North America. PrePass allows qualified carriers to bypass inspection and weigh station facilities at highway speeds. Over 700,000 commercial vehicles from more than 77,000 fleets utilize PrePass services, based on their safety compliance and up-to-date credentials.

Well before approaching a PrePass-equipped weigh station or inspection site, PrePass electronic pre-screening quickly lets drivers know to stay on the road and bypass at highway speed, or slow down and pull in. The PrePass app on the Pedigree Technologies OneView platform uses a cellular connection to provide carriers and their drivers with weigh station bypassing as well as in-cab driver safety alerts.

Get More Features with PrePass

PrePass ALERTS is a dynamic safety notification feature that provides critical road hazard warnings. Commercial drivers receive ALERTS warning of nearby work zones, dangerous slowdowns, traffic incidents, gusty wind areas, steep grades, no commercial vehicle roads and more.

Customers using the PrePass app with OneView have the option to add electronic toll payment services with PrePass Plus, a combined service available only through PrePass. All PrePass services include access to PrePass INFORM™ software. INFORM helps motor carriers analyze bypass and toll activity to spot trends, improve safety scores, reduce the risk of toll fraud and provide new data insights into their operations.