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Screening motor carriers for compliance requires knowledge of laws, inspection processes and a high attention to detail. Ensuring trucks are operating under safe parameters takes time, and that’s why tools to assist in the screening process make a difference. PrePass pre-qualifies carriers and trucks to safely bypass weigh stations. In turn, commercial vehicle enforcement agencies can optimize efficiency and focus resources on the carriers mostly likely in need of attention.

Pre-Qualification Defined

PrePass helps officers and weigh station personnel identify trucks with safety and credentials issues, and allow safe, qualified trucks to keep moving. PrePass Safety Alliance’s customer service center conducts an initial safety screening through the carrier’s U.S. DOT number and by utilizing the Inspection Selection System (ISS) score from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). Unqualified applicants are denied participation in the PrePass program.

If the carrier has an acceptable ISS score, PrePass Safety Alliance then verifies that other required documentation is current — including vehicle registration, operating authority, fuel taxes and other state-specific credentials. Only then are qualified carriers allowed to enter the program.

Since PrePass signals non-compliant carriers to pull in for inspection, which results in additional operating costs to the carriers, PrePass customers strive to maintain their status in good-standing.

Carrier Safety

Roadside inspections ensure vehicle fitness and load safety — not just for commercial drivers and carriers, but for everyone sharing the road. While PrePass and other screening systems do not fully replace a physical inspection, it remains a valuable tool in the commercial enforcement equipment toolbox. However, privacy for carriers is important as well. Enforcement only receives data to determine a truck’s ability to bypass and the data is purged from the system after 90 days. To date, more than 330 weigh and inspection stations use PrePass to help prevent dangerous problems down the road.

Traffic Flow

Keeping the road safe for all drivers is paramount. When fewer large trucks need to reduce speed, merge and exit the roadway for inspections, the chance of crashes is reduced. PrePass keeps safe, compliant trucks moving along with the flow of traffic. For more information regarding commercial law enforcement screening technology, visit