PrePass believes fleets should have choices when it comes to weigh station bypass technology. This means using the best technology platform for your operation whether that includes a bypass app, transponder, or both. PrePass also supports open technology platforms that provide carriers the opportunity to customize mission-critical applications for their needs.

The PrePass Safety Alliance partners with various companies to extend the value of PrePass through integrations and discounts. Explore our partners below and if you are interested in working with PrePass, fill out the inquiry form.



Eleos helps carriers build and maintain their own custom mobile driver apps, elevating their drivers’ digital experience and giving them the confidence to do their job more efficiently.  With their own driver app, fleets have the freedom to resolve complex business issues, improve driver communication, automate workflows, work outside the cab, and much more. With Eleos, fleets create a truly custom app without doing any mobile coding! Apps are deployed quickly and efficiently and save significant time and cost versus building and maintaining an app on their own. Eleos customers can easily add the PrePass technology to their routes, saving time and money with each trip.



Garmin’s assortment of dēzl™ OTR truck navigators and Instinct® 2 – dēzl™ Edition trucking smartwatch give drivers the best in long-haul transport technology. Garmin with PrePass saves time and improves efficiency with on-screen notifications of upcoming weigh stations and bypass decisions. PrePass joins an impressive list of features available on the dēzl OTR series including industry-leading load-to-dock guidance, popular truck routes, custom truck routing and much more. Engineered on the inside for life on the outside, Garmin products continue to revolutionize the truck driving experience with portable navigation solutions that provide time- and fuel-saving benefits. Learn More.



Capture rich data including vehicle position, speed, fuel use, idling, and more with Geotab's GPS fleet management solutions. Optimize your fleet with high-performance technology that is scalable, flexible, and customized to suit your exact business needs. Geotab delivers accurate intelligence for real results. PrePass for Geotab provides the weigh station bypass app on the Geotab Drive driver application. Geotab Drive is the all-in-one driver compliance solution that streamlines ELD compliance, Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting (DVIR), Driver Identification and more. This smart mobile app works with the Geotab GO telematics device to help you meet compliance regulations, improve fleet productivity, and keep your drivers safe. Learn more.



The Omnitracs One platform represents the culmination of 35 years of industry expertise and innovation in transportation data science, AI, and machine learning technology. Omnitracs One enables applications for drivers, the business, and their customers from the first mile to the last – and every step in between – by providing applications needed to access a constant stream of enhancements without disrupting operations, using modern technology with transportation- and supply-chain intelligence. The PrePass app extends the value of Omnitracs One with weigh station bypass and safety ALERTS within one platform. Learn more.



Gain electronic logging device compliance, track assets, monitor drivers and get total insights into trucking operations, on one screen, with OneView from Pedigree Technologies. OneView is an award-winning telematics platform that can turn your device into a centralized command center that lets you track and manage multiple types of assets. When OneView is equipped with the PrePass weigh station bypass app you increase profits, reduce fuel costs, improve driver safety, and much more. Drivers access PrePass through OneView to help them spend more time on the road and receive proactive roadway safety notifications with PrePass ALERTS™. Learn more.



At RXO, we are dedicated to rewarding carriers for their hard work and dedication to the industry. RXO Extra offers benefits that range from fuel savings, maintenance and tires, retail, factoring, insurance, and much more! The more carriers haul, the more they save, the more they earn. RXO's partnership with PrePass offers carriers another benefit to save our drivers time, fuel, and money.