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No other weigh station bypass service offers motor carriers more ways to save than PrePass. That’s because PrePass provides multiple technology options so your fleet can avoid weigh station delays – which cost you money. PrePass also provides integrated electronic toll payments with toll discounts. This streamlines the payment process and cuts costs. In addition, data visualization tools help you identify toll fraud, inaccurate charges and unnecessary fees.

Remove administrative burdens

PrePass is the only weigh station bypass service provider offering electronic toll payments, so you receive just one invoice from PrePass for nationwide toll charges each month. This eliminates the stacks of invoices from different toll authorities and the burden of reviewing each one. And if you locate an incorrect charge, PrePass handles the dispute on your behalf with a single call. Realize additional toll savings as PrePass forwards agency toll volume discounts on to you.

Uncover hidden toll costs

PrePass helps you understand fleet toll costs and uncover areas for cost savings with INFORM Tolling software. Included with PrePass, INFORM Tolling tracks daily tolling activity and sends immediate notifications when potential fraud occurs. Toll analytics and interactive account snapshots help you improve fleet efficiency and better manage financial exposure. You can also track payments and the status of violation disputes to ensure refund capture.

Save time, fuel and money

Bypassing a weigh station saves at least five minutes and half a gallon of fuel, according to the FMCSA. If a single truck bypasses just one time each week for a year, that’s over four additional hours on the road annually. Now multiply those miles by the number of trucks in your fleet. For a 10-truck fleet that’s more than 40 hours and 2,000 miles a year. If you have 100 trucks, that’s more than 20,000 revenue miles annually. And if your trucks bypass a weigh station more than once per week, that’s even more savings.

Crashes are devastating for motor carriers in terms of fatalities and injuries, plus there are the financial costs, damaged reputations and the inability to attract and retain good drivers. Each year there are more than 100,000 injuries and fatalities involving large truck crashes, costing fleets tens of thousands to millions of dollars for the most serious crashes. Many of these are preventable.

Improve fleet safety

INFORM Safety software from PrePass helps reduce the potential for a crash with quick, clear insights into the factors impacting your fleet’s safety metrics. With INFORM Safety, it’s simple to drill into inspection, violation and bypass data with user-friendly dashboards to see exactly what needs improvement. INFORM’s data is always up-to-date and easy to export into reports and action plans for use throughout your organization, which helps reduce risk associated with crashes and expensive fines.

According to a University of Arkansas study, carriers that use weigh station bypass technology are viewed more favorably by shippers. Also, bypassing reduces a carrier’s bottom line costs and can increase top line sales. The study found that the adoption of bypass technology has nearly twice the impact of a 4% increase in freight rates. This result questions the assumption that price is the ultimate determinate when selecting transportation providers.

Reduce driver turnover

The cost of replacing one driver can include lost productivity, recruiting costs and signing bonuses. One of the main reasons drivers leave is the stressful, time-sensitive nature of their jobs. And while you can’t eliminate all turnover, PrePass helps reduce it. In fact, surveys show that weigh station bypass is one of the top benefits drivers value. Drivers who use PrePass know they will have fewer delays and more on-time pickups and deliveries. This results in happier drivers who stay longer, reducing your recruiting costs.