How many times have you or one of your trucks been making great time for the next pickup or delivery only to have progress stalled just a few miles away from the destination? This delay often happens when trucks exit an interstate highway, hitting surface streets filled with one red light after another. But what if all those traffic signals were always green for trucks?

Listen to this new episode of the “Eyes on the Road” trucking podcast and learn about a new pilot program in a major metropolitan area to speed up truck movement by ensuring truckers get as many green lights as possible. Dr. Douglas Gettman of Kimley-Horn, the firm that developed this exciting new technology, will tell you how to sign up for this free service he expects to roll out to more cities in the coming year.

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Eyes on the Road with PrePass
Eyes on the Road with PrePass

Evan Lockridge is a veteran broadcaster and award-winning trucking journalist. "Eyes on the Road" discusses trucking industry hot topics for drivers and fleet managers. The series is presented by PrePass, providers of weigh station bypass, toll payment services and trucking technology.