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Improve weigh station bypass rates, fleet safety & operational efficiency with INFORM™ Safety

INFORM is an online reporting tool that enables you to understand the make-up of your fleet’s Inspection Selection System (ISS) score and take action to improve safety and efficiency. Determined by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), your ISS score is a key factor in your ability to bypass. PrePass maintains the most robust fleet safety database in the industry including CVIEW/SAFER carrier records and information from more than 100 data sources. INFORM provides an insightful, intuitive dashboard interface that makes it easy to identify trends that could cause your scores to fluctuate.

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PrePass is the most reliable and technologically-advanced weigh station bypass platform in North America. PrePass includes weigh station bypass, electronic toll payment services and the INFORM data portals. Follow us to stay informed about the latest highway topics relating to safety and fleet efficiency.

PrePass operates at over 400 fixed sites plus mobile sites in North America

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  • Committed Future Site
  • Operational Fixed Site
  • MOTION Only Fixed Site
  • NORPASS/Green Light/Weigh2Go

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  • Committed Future Site
  • Operational Fixed Site
  • MOTION Only Fixed Site
  • NORPASS/Green Light/Weigh2Go

PrePass Plus operates with 8 tolling authorities within 21 states across North America

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Regional Map
  • FasTrak
  • K-Tag
  • Pikepass
  • EZ Tag/TollTag/TxTag
  • SunPass
  • E-ZPass
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Truck Drivers in America

Over 3.5 million truck drivers help keep America moving by providing the products we need each day to keep the economy, and our families strong. It is a demanding job requiring a great deal of responsibility. PrePass helps these safe drivers with the ability to bypass weigh stations – saving time, fuel and money. With a shared vision of safety, PrePass salutes all drivers who responsibly sit behind the wheel in an effort to efficiently move goods across the country.

Trusted. Proven. Simple.

PrePass Benefits & Highlights

PrePass keeps qualified fleets of all sizes safely on the move by enabling them to bypass hundreds of weigh stations, ports of entry and agricultural inspection stations across the nation. PrePass is the trusted weigh station bypass platform using advanced transponder technology and the MOTION™ application, PrePass offers the most secure and reliable data connection with inspection sites. And our PrePass Plus service adds convenient electronic toll payment and management services on tolling systems throughout the U.S.

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Billions of dollars saved
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700,000 tons of emissions saved
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Millions of hours saved
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300 million gallons of fuel saved

Bypass Weigh Stations

No other bypass solution provides the reliability and coverage of PrePass.

Reduce Toll Costs

Consolidated billing, dispute resolution and toll payment optimization.

Boost Fleet Efficiency

Data visualization tools improve safety scores, toll savings, and bypass rates.

PrePass Safety Alliance

PrePass Safety Alliance is a non-profit public/private partnership dedicated to advancing the safety and efficiency of the commercial transportation industry. The Alliance brings together government and industry to improve transportation on our highways. Learn more about PrePass Safety Alliance