Just like all PrePass services, the PrePass app is backed by the same excellent customer support you’ve come to expect from the most established and trusted weigh station bypass provider in the country.

The PrePass app gives carriers the option to expand bypass opportunities using iOS, Android, and select telematics and ELD devices. The bypass app is a perfect solution for carriers wanting greater location coverage, the simplicity of app administration, and integration with their ELD. The PrePass app can be used alone or in conjunction with a PrePass transponder.

ALERTS™ Included

The PrePass app alerts drivers to approaching weigh stations, but it can do so much more. With PrePass ALERTS™, you also receive proactive visual and audible notifications of upcoming road hazards and important locations. ALERTS is a mobile safety and productivity tool designed to notify drivers about upcoming road safety conditions. ALERTS contains alerts for work zones, traffic incidents, congestion, weather, truck parking, rest areas, gusty wind areas, steep grades, brake check areas, chain up areas, runaway truck ramps, no commercial vehicle roads and more.

ALERTS is a passive alerting safety feature that complements existing road signage. It is only available with the PrePass app and is another great benefit of the bypass mobile app. This feature is configurable within the app settings menu with the ability to turn on and off specific alerts and adjust sound preferences.

PrePass Provides the Most Choices

No one provides the flexibility and coverage of PrePass. But what is right for one carrier, may not be the best solution for another. PrePass offers weigh station bypass service using the app, transponder or both used together. There is also no additional cost to either the app or transponder. So, which bypass technology is right for your operation? Take the self-assessment for a personalized recommendation based on your needs.


How to Get Started

  • Download PrePass app from app store or contact your ELD service provider.
  • Contact PrePass to establish service or to add the app to your current service.
  • Open the PrePass app and log in using your account and ID number.
  • Confirm you vehicle information and select “Driving Mode” to enable.

PrePass App Q&A

The PrePass app gives carriers the option to expand bypass opportunities using tablet or mobile phone devices, and may be used with a PrePass transponder. The PrePass weigh station bypass app provides expanded coverage to enforcement locations without a transponder reader and mobile sites. It also provides expanded functionality including PrePass ALERTS. The application is available on Apple iOS, Android, and select telematics and ELD devices. If you have a transponder, then the PrePass app will default to the transponder message when PrePass transponder infrastructure is present at the weigh station.


Depending on where you operate, the PrePass app will expand bypassing opportunities to weigh stations that are not currently equipped with PrePass transponder technology. This includes lower volume sites and temporary mobile enforcement locations. There is no additional fee for the PrePass app, so there is no reason not to take advantage of this added benefit.

The PrePass app is currently available to download on open Android and Apple iOS phones and tablets. PrePass is also available on select telematics ELD devices, and more are being added in the near future. If using a supported ELD service, PrePass will be available through a single sign-on within that application.

The PrePass app consumes minimal data. If you travel through 30 weigh stations in a month, the approximate amount of data the app will consume for that month will be about 1 MB. The data usage for the app with this usage is similar to 2 minutes of streaming music or 15 seconds of streaming video.

Cellular provider performance varies based on geographic territories. Refer to your data plan provider for coverage across the areas you travel.

The PrePass app gives carriers the option to expand bypass opportunities using mobile devices separately or in conjunction with the PrePass transponder. Transponder technology provides 99.9% accuracy, and works with the PrePass app to provide coverage where transponder readers are not present. The PrePass app provides ease of implementation and an expanded network of bypass sites to less traveled or temporary mobile enforcement locations.

A PrePass subscription covers the weigh station bypass service. The PrePass app and transponder are both included as part of this service. Customers can determine which bypass technology they want to use in the truck cab.

One of the primary differences between transponders and cellular-based weigh station bypass applications is how signals are transmitted between weigh stations and trucks.

Weigh station bypass apps use CMRS (commercial mobile radio services) technology. They provide the convenience of bypassing without the use of a transponder and may be integrated within telematics or ELD technology already used in the truck. Bypass apps also provide access to a wider range of enforcement locations and provide additional functionality including PrePass ALERTS™.

PrePass transponders transmit and receive signals using RFID (radio frequency identification) technology. The transmission is 100% accurate within milliseconds. Transponders also provide access to other third party weigh station locations including Weigh2GoBC, NORPASS and Oregon Green Light. In addition, you can use the same transponder for both electronic toll payment and bypass services.

Not sure which solution is best for you? You can start by taking a self-assessment.











The PrePass app will display only the date and not the time stamp. In the weigh facility, the officer will see the same information they see when you use a transponder such as the DOT number, License Plate, Equipment ID, Vehicle Weight and the Green Light or Red Light decision. The PrePass app will only identify your location for the purpose of weigh station bypassing and PrePass ALERTS.



If you lose connectivity, and you are using the app without a transponder, the app screen will display the message “Follow Road Signs”. However, if you also have a PrePass transponder, you will receive a red or green light signal from your transponder, and you should follow the transponder signal.



No. Electronic toll payment services are not currently available via cellular systems. Tolling requires a compatible PrePass transponder to ensure toll payment reliability and accuracy.


There will be no changes to your PrePass billing statement, and there is no additional charge for the PrePass app. You will not receive a separate bill, and all bypass transactions will appear the same when using the PrePass app and the transponder.


Yes. When a driver logs into the PrePass app, they must identify the driver and the truck.

A driver does not have to log out of the PrePass app when not driving. However, if the application is left in “driving” mode, the application will continue to use device battery and power. Therefore, it is advisable to exit “driving” mode if the driver remains logged in when the vehicle is not in use.





PrePass sites that are equipped with transponder technology (RFID readers) will signal your transponder with the appropriate decision (green or red light). In this case, the PrePass app will alert you that you are approaching a weigh station and will notify you to “Follow in-cab transponder.” At weigh stations not equipped with transponder technology and offering mobile app bypassing only, you will not be signaled by your transponder, and the PrePass app will provide the appropriate decision on your device screen.




Weigh2GoBC, NORPASS and Oregon Green Light are RFID transponder-based bypass programs and are not compatible with weigh station bypass mobile applications. PrePass can enroll your PrePass transponder in the Weigh2GoBC, NORPASS and Oregon Green Light programs on your behalf. Or, you can enroll your Weigh2GoBC, NORPASS or Green Light transponder in the PrePass program for transponder-based bypassing.

Yes. Auto transport vehicles often must position the transponder so it is readable by the reader pole without interference of cab overhang. Unlike the transponder, the PrePass app is not affected by the configuration of the truck.