The PrePass MOTION app gives carriers the option to expand bypass opportunities using iOS, Android and select telematics mobile devices, with or without the PrePass transponder. While transponder technology is the industry gold standard with 99.9% reliability, the MOTION weigh station bypass app is a perfect solution for carriers wanting greater location coverage.

And just like all PrePass services, PrePass MOTION is backed by the same excellent customer support you’ve come to expect from the most established and trusted weigh station bypass provider in the country.

ALERTS Included

The PrePass MOTION app alerts drivers to approaching weigh stations, but it can do so much more. With PrePass ALERTS™, you also receive proactive notifications of upcoming road hazards. ALERTS is a mobile safety and productivity tool designed to notify drivers about upcoming road safety conditions. ALERTS currently contains proactive alerts for work zones, gusty wind area, steep grade, brake check area, chain up area, runaway truck ramp and no commercial vehicle road.

ALERTS is a passive alerting safety feature that complements existing road signage. It is only available with the MOTION application and another great benefit of the bypass mobile app. This feature is configurable within the MOTION settings menu with the ability to turn on and off specific alerts. Additional alert notifications will be added in the near future.

PrePass Provides the Most Choices

Nothing can replace the effectiveness and reliability of PrePass’ proven transponder technology. But there are compelling reasons to use our weigh station bypass mobile app in tandem with a transponder.

Are you interested in bypassing weigh stations that do not offer bypassing with the PrePass transponder? PrePass MOTION expands your options. No other bypass service works harder to make sure you get as many green lights as possible, no matter where you travel.

  • No additional charge for PrePass weigh station bypass subscribers
  • Simply download the app and contact PrePass to activate
  • Hands-free operation ensures hands stay on the steering wheel
  • Excellent customer service support to handle any issues and keep you moving

Documentation:  MOTION Driver Guide |  MOTION Admin Guide

How it Works

  • Log in to your PrePass account and enter your ID number.
  • Confirm your vehicle information.
  • Select “Driving Mode” to enable the application.
  • “Weigh Station” notification pops up on the screen when nearing a weigh station.
  • Upon approach, you’ll receive an alert signal:

  • When you’re back on the road, the application returns to Driving Mode.

Motion App

The PrePass MOTION app gives carriers the option to expand bypass opportunities using tablet or mobile phone devices, and may be used with a PrePass transponder. While transponder technology is the industry gold standard with 99.9% accuracy, the MOTION weigh station bypass app provides expanded coverage to enforcement locations without a transponder reader. The application is available on Apple iOS, Android and select telematics devices. If you have a transponder, then MOTION will default to the transponder alert when PrePass transponder infrastructure present.

Depending on where you operate, PrePass MOTION will expand bypassing opportunities at weigh stations that are not currently equipped with PrePass transponder technology. This includes infrequently used sites and temporary mobile enforcement sites. MOTION is included with your PrePass service, so there is no reason not to take advantage of this added benefit.

The PrePass MOTION application is currently available to download on open Android and Apple iOS phones and tablets. PrePass is in discussions with several fleet management telematics companies to provide easy and accessible use of the PrePass MOTION application on proprietary tablets in the future.

PrePass MOTION will consume minimal data. If you travel through 30 weigh stations in a month, the approximate amount of data the app will consume for that month will be about 1 MB. The data usage for PrePass MOTION with this usage is similar to 2 minutes of streaming music or 15 seconds of streaming video.

Cellular provider performance varies based on geographic territories. Refer to your data plan provider for coverage across the areas you travel.

The PrePass MOTION app gives carriers the option to expand bypass opportunities using mobile devices, separately or in conjunction with the PrePass transponder. Transponder technology is the industry gold standard with 99.9% accuracy, and works with MOTION to provide coverage where transponder readers are not present. The MOTION app provides ease of implementation and an expanded network of bypass sites to less traveled and temporary, mobile locations.

PrePass MOTION is another way to expand the value of the PrePass service you have today. It is included as part of your PrePass service fees.

One of the primary differences between transponders and cellular-based weigh station bypass applications is how signals are transmitted between weigh stations and trucks. PrePass transponders transmit and receive signals with almost 100% accuracy within milliseconds. Alternatively cellular signals can be dropped or experience a latency in signaling. The signal can also be affected by terrain, weather and the quality of the GPS chip set. In these cases, the driver will receive a “Pull-In” message. For most purposes, cellular technology is sufficiently reliable and is more easily deployable to some locations where it is not economically feasible to install PrePass transponder readers.

Transponders provide the benefit of 100% reliability, access to other third party weigh station locations including Weigh2GoBC, NORPASS and Oregon Green Light, and the ability to integrate toll payment services into one transponder.

Weigh station bypass apps provide ease of implementation, access to sites without a transponder reader and integration with in-cab telematics platforms.

Not sure which solution is best for you? PrePass can help.

PrePass MOTION will display only the date and not the time stamp. In the weigh facility, the officer will see the same information they see today such as the DOT number, License Plate, Equipment ID, Vehicle Weight and the Green Light or Red Light decision. PrePass MOTION will only identify your location for the purpose of weigh station bypassing and alerts.

If you lose connectivity, the MOTION screen will display the message “Follow Road Signs” if you are utilizing the MOTION app only. However, if you also have a PrePass transponder, you will receive a red or green light signal from your transponder and you should follow the transponder alert.

No. Electronic toll payment is not currently available via cellular systems. Tolling requires a compatible RFID tolling or PrePass transponder to ensure reliability and accuracy.

There will be no changes to your PrePass billing statement. You will not receive a separate bill and all bypass transactions will appear the same when using MOTION and the PrePass transponder.

Yes. When a driver logs into MOTION, they must identify the driver and the truck.

A driver does not have to log out of the MOTION app when not driving. However if the application is left in ‘driving’ mode, the application will continue to use device battery and power while running. Therefore, it is advisable to exit the ‘driving’ mode if the driver remains logged in when vehicle is not in use.

PrePass sites that are equipped with transponder technology (RFID readers) will signal your transponder with the appropriate decision (green or red light). In this case, MOTION will alert you that you are approaching a weigh station as well as notify you to ‘Follow in-cab transponder’. At weigh stations not equipped with transponder technology and offering MOTION bypassing only, you will not be signaled on your transponder and MOTION will provide the appropriate decision on the device screen.

Weigh2GoBC, NORPASS and Oregon Green Light are RFID transponder-based bypass programs and are not compatible with the MOTION application. PrePass can enroll your PrePass transponder in the Weigh2GoBC, NORPASS and Oregon Green Light programs on your behalf. Or, you can enroll your Weigh2GoBC, NORPASS or Green Light transponder in the PrePass program for transponder-based bypassing.

Yes. Auto transport vehicles often must position the transponder in a position readable by the reader pole. MOTION is not affected by the configuration of the truck.