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According to a NASTC member study, PrePass subscribers are seven basis points healthier on their CSA scores, driver turn-over ratios are lower, on-time deliveries are higher, and they consistently book more loaded miles per week and per driver.

NASTC members can bundle PrePass weigh station bypass and toll payment services through the association for additional savings.

Helping Small Trucking Companies Save Money

The National Association of Small Trucking Companies was founded in 1989 to help establish an active nationwide association for small motor carriers.

They serve as an advocate, consultant, and a source of collective buying power for its member companies. NASTC leads a strong lobbying effort on behalf of small trucking companies. Like its members, NASTC is committed to safety, compliance and technological advancements that improve and simplify the transportation industry.

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Save even more time, fuel and money with the leading weigh station bypass service in North America. PrePass is the only weigh station bypass provider offering the choice of PrePass app and transponder with the ability to add electronic toll payment services.

Sign up for a NASTC membership to access discounts on PrePass and other leading services. If you are an NASTC member, you can subscribe to PrePass through NASTC by visiting their website or by calling 800-264-8580.

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