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It’s a challenging job. On the road away from family, arriving on time to destinations all while keeping a close eye on safety and fuel efficiency can be stressful. Fortunately, technology is helping to improve the driving experience. PrePass’ weigh station bypass service can eliminate many stops for weigh station inspections. And we go beyond bypass services: PrePass Plus handles nationwide electronic toll payments through the same windshield-mounted transponder, and the PrePass app helps you improve productivity and comply with federal hours-of-service regulations— making life on the road more streamlined, less complicated.


Pulling into a weigh station for inspection not only takes time out of a route schedule, it costs money. Slowing down to enter and exit a weigh station — and then idling while waiting — burns into fuel budgets. Fortunately, compliant trucks can find significant time and money savings using PrePass, allowing you to spend more time at home or on what you enjoy most.

Bypass Options

PrePass is the only weigh station bypass provider offering multiple bypass technology choices. Bypass transponders and mobile apps each have advantages and PrePass allows you to select one or both at the same low rate. This means you can customize the bypass program to your specific operation and routes – and therefore, enjoy more bypass opportunities.


PrePass adheres to strict data privacy guidelines to make sure your information is kept safe and secure. The data that determines whether a truck can bypass a weigh station is compiled from FMCSA and over 100 government sources, but purged from PrePass' system after 90 days. Also, unlike other providers, PrePass does not display date and time stamp information.


Streamline invoices and keep payments simple and easier to manage with one invoice for bypassing and tolling. If there are questions or issues on a bill, PrePass' customer service center is ready to help with a quick phone call. And PrePass has your back in the event of toll disputes or problems with billing: we work on your behalf with toll agencies.

Onshored in America

PrePass services, development and customer support are all based in the United States by PrePass Safety Alliance, which is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona. Our customer care center in West Valley City, Utah is fully staffed from 6am to 6pm Mountain Standard Time, Monday through Friday. Friendly, well-trained staff stands behind the entire PrePass system from coast to coast, proudly supporting you within America.