PrePass Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

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As a qualified PrePass-enrolled vehicle approaches an open weigh station, PrePass automatically verifies whether or not that vehicle is eligible to bypass. PrePass operates using either a radio frequency identification (RFID) transponder mounted to the truck windshield, or through the PrePass app on a mobile phone, tablet or ELD. The system then delivers a red or green signal to the transponder or the app in the vehicle’s cab. Based on that signal, the driver knows whether or not to pull into the station. Green means bypass and red or no signal means pull in.

Drivers and fleet managers tell us that the biggest benefits of PrePass are the time and money saved through bypassing scales and inspection stations. The FMCSA estimates the minimum cost of pulling into a weigh station at $8.68, and that’s just for static weighing or a credential check. In today’s operating environment, just a few minutes out of operation can make a difference between getting home or spending the night in a sleeper berth or hotel. Bypassing weigh stations also saves fuel, reduces wear and tear on the truck and provides both environmental and traffic congestion-mitigating benefits. Bypassing a weigh station means not needing to changes lanes, slow down or merge back into speeding traffic, improving highway safety for motor carriers and other motorists.

PrePass Plus is a nationwide toll payment and management service that lets carriers electronically pay and manage their tolls. PrePass Plus also provides discounted tolling rates where applicable. As part of this service, PrePass can manage carrier reconciliations and dispute resolutions. All PrePass Plus accounts also have access to INFORM Tolling software to help reduce toll costs, identify over charges, automate disputes and pinpoint potential transponder misuse. INFORM Tolling also allows toll charges from all participating toll authorities to appear on one screen and be paid on just one invoice.

Carriers with eligible safety records and all necessary current credentials can enroll and be authorized to bypass PrePass-equipped weigh stations, ports of entry, scales and agriculture inspection stations.

PrePass Safety Alliance provides PrePass weigh station bypass and toll payment services. Trucking industry leaders, enforcement agencies and state DOTs first formed the non-profit public-private partnership in 1993 to improve commercial transportation safety and efficiency. Since then, the Alliance has invested over $700 million to deploy truck safety services and infrastructure nationwide.

PrePass, provided by PrePass Safety Alliance, is the leading weigh station bypass platform in North America. With PrePass, qualified motor carriers that comply with safety, weight and credentials requirements can bypass weigh stations and ports-of-entry at highway speeds, saving them time, fuel and money. The Alliance also offers PrePass Plus, a nationwide toll payment and management service, and INFORM, a suite of fleet management data tools.

When it comes to weigh station bypass, trucking companies often compare PrePass versus Drivewyze. Both companies provide weigh station bypass services through an app on a mobile device. However, there are several key differences in these services.

The primary difference between Drivewyze and PrePass is the service offering. Drivewyze provides only a weigh station bypass app and driver safety alert notifications on mobile devices and telematics platforms. PrePass offers similar products, and, in addition provides a full service suite of integrated and value-add strategic solutions:

  • PrePass bypass app and driver safety alert notifications
  • Weigh station bypass using RFID transponders
  • Nationwide toll payment and toll cost management services
  • A suite of exclusive fleet safety management software tools
  • Weigh Station Bypass Technologies

Both PrePass and Drivewyze provide weigh station bypass service via a mobile application and cellular connection. The PrePass app (available on Apple iOS, Android, and select telematics and ELD devices) works independently or in tandem with the PrePass transponder to increase bypass opportunities. This includes the ability to bypass when a PrePass transponder reader is not present at the weigh station. Therefore, both bypass apps provide expanded coverage to a greater number of locations.

Some third-party enforcement locations, including Weigh2GoBC, NORPASS and Oregon Green Light, only accept transponder bypassing. With a transponder, PrePass customers can expand access to these sites in the states of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, South Dakota, Alaska parts of New York and Connecticut, and the province of British Columbia. The PrePass transponder also provides 100% data transmission accuracy at sites with transponder RFID readers.

While the benefits of transponder bypass technology are clear, there are reasons to consider mobile app‑ based bypassing including PrePass and Drivewyze. Bypass apps provide driver safety alerts including work zones, traffic congestion, adverse weather conditions, gusty wind areas, steep grades, brake check areas, runaway truck ramps, commercial vehicle parking, rest areas, no commercial vehicle roads and more. Mobile weigh station bypass apps also provide ease of deployment, integration with fleet management telematics or ELD systems and coverage for smaller weigh stations and mobile enforcement sites.

Unlike Drivewyze, PrePass customers can use a transponder with the bypass app for one low monthly subscription. When using a transponder with the bypass app, if a transponder read occurs, the bypass result will display on the app. This way, customers receive all of the transponder benefits with greater location coverage and driver safety notifications.

Toll Payment Services

Another key benefit of PrePass is the ability to add nationwide toll payment services through PrePass Plus. PrePass Plus provides both weigh station bypassing and toll payments with one transponder. In addition to providing one consolidated billing statement to customers, PrePass offers toll reconciliation, dispute resolution and the highest toll discounts available through toll agencies.

Electronic toll payment services are only available through the use of an RFID transponder. Cellular applications including Drivewyze and the PrePass app will not be able to provide electronic toll payment services in the foreseeable future.

Fleet Management Software

PrePass also offers powerful data software tools including INFORM™ Safety and INFORM Tolling. These tools are available only to PrePass customers and are included with the service. The INFORM software provides insights into your operation to help improve safety scores and reduce toll related costs. This ultimately helps you improve your bottom line.

PrePass vs Drivewyze Final Word

With over 700,000 users representing over 92,000 carriers, PrePass is the most extensive and utilized weigh station bypass platform available.

When you compare different bypass solutions, some providers publicize total bypass site locations as an important decision factor. While this sounds good, it is of little significance. Some enforcement sites are rarely in operation or are not situated along the routes you travel. Instead of considering total number of bypass locations, consider the bypass locations that matter to you. Start with a comparison of your common routes and bypass sites available at the locations you frequent. Identify these locations and which types of bypass technologies they accept.

With a robust service offering, PrePass can tailor the bypass solution to your specific operation. Our consultants work to understand your business and provide options best suited to your routes, fleet composition and data information needs. When considering PrePass versus Drivewyze, evaluate the total solution and how you can maximize the available benefits to your operation.








Make sure to follow roadside signs. As a general rule, always stay in the right lane for at least one mile prior to approaching weigh station systems for an accurate reading.

States have placed signs on the highway advising when you are approaching an Automated Vehicle Identification (AVI) or PrePass-equipped weigh station. Please see the PrePass Service Map for a complete list of PrePass sites.

You must pull in any time that your transponder gives you a red light signal or no signal. You also have to pull in if you are hauling one of the special load types listed in the PrePass Bypass Restrictions Brochure.

Fixed sites are generally located on interstate highways and at locations where individual states have invested resources to build a scale house and inspection station staffed with trained, dedicated personnel.

Mobile sites are exactly just that – mobile, and more difficult to define. They may be located at a closed rest area or may simply be a wide spot adjacent to a primary or secondary road that enforcement might occasionally use for special commercial vehicle checks. These locations may or may not have infrastructure components such as a scale or license plate reader.

The PrePass Safety Alliance Board of Directors and the majority of PrePass states continue to focus on new fixed sites and site enhancements, including the addition of weigh-in-motion scales (WIMs). WIMs weigh commercial vehicles as they travel on main roadway lanes at highway speeds, further reducing the need for qualified vehicles to pull into weigh stations. Data shows that bypassing at fixed sites continues to provide the greatest value and safety to motor carriers, enforcement and the motoring public.

No. PrePass adheres to a strict data confidentiality policy and takes great steps to ensure that PrePass data cannot be used to measure or monitor driver speeds when bypassing weigh stations. PrePass encourages adherence to the speed limit and all safety laws to ensure your own safety and that of the motoring public.

Please see the PrePass Bypass Restrictions Brochure for each state’s bypass restrictions. Additionally, if you receive a red light signal or no signal and still bypass an open weigh station, you will be out of compliance and can be stopped and cited by law enforcement. Always follow your transponder signal to remain compliant.

You must complete and send a Florida Agricultural and Electronic Bill of Lading Pre-Clearance Program Application (Download it from the PrePass Resource Library) to PrePass. You can fax your completed and signed form to 1-866-437-2301, email it to or mail it to PrePass Ag, 2500 South 3850 West, Suite C, West Valley City, UT 84120. PrePass will then submit these forms to the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS) for approval. Florida will notify you directly of your approval status by mail.

The standard cost for the PrePass weigh station bypass service is $17.65 per month per truck. Customers have the option of using a transponder, the bypass app or both for the same low cost. PrePass INFORM safety software is also included at no additional fee.

PrePass App

The PrePass app gives carriers the option to expand bypass opportunities using tablet or mobile phone devices, and may be used with a PrePass transponder. The PrePass weigh station bypass app provides expanded coverage to enforcement locations without a transponder reader and mobile sites. It also provides expanded functionality including PrePass ALERTS. The application is available on Apple iOS, Android, and select telematics and ELD devices. If you have a transponder, then the PrePass app will default to the transponder message when PrePass transponder infrastructure is present at the weigh station.


Depending on where you operate, the PrePass app will expand bypassing opportunities to weigh stations that are not currently equipped with PrePass transponder technology. This includes lower volume sites and temporary mobile enforcement locations. There is no additional fee for the PrePass app, so there is no reason not to take advantage of this added benefit.

The PrePass app is currently available to download on open Android and Apple iOS phones and tablets. PrePass is also available on select telematics ELD devices, and more are being added in the near future. If using a supported ELD service, PrePass will be available through a single sign-on within that application.

The PrePass app consumes minimal data. If you travel through 30 weigh stations in a month, the approximate amount of data the app will consume for that month will be about 1 MB. The data usage for the app with this usage is similar to 2 minutes of streaming music or 15 seconds of streaming video.

Cellular provider performance varies based on geographic territories. Refer to your data plan provider for coverage across the areas you travel.

The PrePass app gives carriers the option to expand bypass opportunities using mobile devices separately or in conjunction with the PrePass transponder. Transponder technology provides 99.9% accuracy, and works with the PrePass app to provide coverage where transponder readers are not present. The PrePass app provides ease of implementation and an expanded network of bypass sites to less traveled or temporary mobile enforcement locations.

A PrePass subscription covers the weigh station bypass service. The PrePass app and transponder are both included as part of this service. Customers can determine which bypass technology they want to use in the truck cab.

One of the primary differences between transponders and cellular-based weigh station bypass applications is how signals are transmitted between weigh stations and trucks.

Weigh station bypass apps use CMRS (commercial mobile radio services) technology. They provide the convenience of bypassing without the use of a transponder and may be integrated within telematics or ELD technology already used in the truck. Bypass apps also provide access to a wider range of enforcement locations and provide additional functionality including PrePass ALERTS™.

PrePass transponders transmit and receive signals using RFID (radio frequency identification) technology. The transmission is 100% accurate within milliseconds. Transponders also provide access to other third party weigh station locations including Weigh2GoBC, NORPASS and Oregon Green Light. In addition, you can use the same transponder for both electronic toll payment and bypass services.

Not sure which solution is best for you? You can start by taking a self-assessment.











The PrePass app will display only the date and not the time stamp. In the weigh facility, the officer will see the same information they see when you use a transponder such as the DOT number, License Plate, Equipment ID, Vehicle Weight and the Green Light or Red Light decision. The PrePass app will only identify your location for the purpose of weigh station bypassing and PrePass ALERTS.



If you lose connectivity, and you are using the app without a transponder, the app screen will display the message “Follow Road Signs”. However, if you also have a PrePass transponder, you will receive a red or green light signal from your transponder, and you should follow the transponder signal.



No. Electronic toll payment services are not currently available via cellular systems. Tolling requires a compatible PrePass transponder to ensure toll payment reliability and accuracy.


There will be no changes to your PrePass billing statement, and there is no additional charge for the PrePass app. You will not receive a separate bill, and all bypass transactions will appear the same when using the PrePass app and the transponder.


Yes. When a driver logs into the PrePass app, they must identify the driver and the truck.

A driver does not have to log out of the PrePass app when not driving. However, if the application is left in “driving” mode, the application will continue to use device battery and power. Therefore, it is advisable to exit “driving” mode if the driver remains logged in when the vehicle is not in use.





PrePass sites that are equipped with transponder technology (RFID readers) will signal your transponder with the appropriate decision (green or red light). In this case, the PrePass app will alert you that you are approaching a weigh station and will notify you to “Follow in-cab transponder.” At weigh stations not equipped with transponder technology and offering mobile app bypassing only, you will not be signaled by your transponder, and the PrePass app will provide the appropriate decision on your device screen.




Weigh2GoBC, NORPASS and Oregon Green Light are RFID transponder-based bypass programs and are not compatible with weigh station bypass mobile applications. PrePass can enroll your PrePass transponder in the Weigh2GoBC, NORPASS and Oregon Green Light programs on your behalf. Or, you can enroll your Weigh2GoBC, NORPASS or Green Light transponder in the PrePass program for transponder-based bypassing.

Yes. Auto transport vehicles often must position the transponder so it is readable by the reader pole without interference of cab overhang. Unlike the transponder, the PrePass app is not affected by the configuration of the truck.


We provide PrePass transponders with no upfront cost. Depending on the service you choose, you may have a nominal monthly tag fee added to your invoice. Transponders remain the property of PrePass, so if your transponder becomes damaged or lost, there may be a replacement fee of up to $100.

All transponders no longer in service must be returned to PrePass. Make sure to insure each transponder for $100 and send them via a trackable method to the PrePass Customer Service Center at the following address:

PrePass Device Returns
1670 South 5500 West Suite 300
Salt Lake City, UT 84104

If you have our PrePass Plus or Tolls-Only service, the transponder’s toll payment functionality is live when installed. For bypassing, your transponder should be operational at most weigh stations within 48 hours of your paperwork being processed.

The windshield placement is necessary so that the overhead readers can scan the transponder. There are two approved transponder locations that maximize device readability. The first is at least two inches but not more than three inches from the top center of the windshield. The second is two to three inches from the lower part of the windshield, especially on trucks with visors and/or overhangs. If you have a right fender spot mirror, mount the device to the left of the center of the windshield to eliminate any mirror blind spots.

Always pull into the weigh station if you do not receive a signal on your transponder. Make sure that the transponder is properly mounted on the windshield. Some bypass locations may have a slight variation in the setup of their overhead antennas, so you may need to adjust the transponder to ensure proper communication. If you need assistance, please contact the PrePass Service Center at 1-800-PREPASS (1-800-773-7277).

Internal non-replaceable batteries in some PrePass devices last approximately five years. Replaceable lithium batteries in our ElitePass transponders (transponders that provide integrated weigh station bypass and nationwide toll payments) should be changed out annually. We recommend changing out lithium batteries when renewing your registration to make sure that your service isn’t interrupted when you are out on the road.

If you do not receive a light on your PrePass transponder at a weigh station, you are required to pull into that station. Lights may display when going through toll booths, but there is no need to stop if they do not.  If you think your transponder is not working correctly, please contact PrePass Customer Service at 1-800-PREPASS (1-800-773-7277).

No. Your credential information and related truck details must match PrePass records or you may be subject to citations. You should only have one PrePass-issued transponder in your vehicle at a time.

If you have a transponder that is not issued to you, please return it to:

PrePass Device Returns
1670 South 5500 West Suite 300
Salt Lake City, UT 84104

To turn off, or deactivate, a transponder’s bypass functionality, you must go into your account on and delete a truck and deactivate the corresponding transponder. Tolls functionality cannot be turned off. If you need assistance, please contact the Customer Service Center at 1-800-PREPASS (1-800-773-7277).

In addition to any obvious destruction of a transponder, a transponder may be considered damaged if any of the following apply:

  • The transponder and/or sticker has been written on or defaced in any way.
  • The transponder and/or sticker has been modified or tampered with.
  • The sticker has been removed, scratched out or replaced without prior written authorization from PrePass.
  • ElitePass internal components are missing.

There is a $100 charge for each damaged transponder.

Report your lost or stolen transponder through your account. If you need assistance, please contact the PrePass Service Center at 1-800-PREPASS (1-800-773-7277). If necessary, the center will issue a new transponder and charge your account up to $100 for each lost/stolen transponder.

If your account is active and in good standing, certain transponders can be reassigned or returned for credit. Please check the current PrePass license agreement for more information.

You can also return the transponder(s) to:

PrePass Device Returns
1670 South 5500 West Suite 300
Salt Lake City, UT 84104


Installation takes just seconds and requires no technical know-how or additional expense. PrePass provides Velcro adhesive materials and an easy-to-read diagram so that you can be sure that you install the transponder in the correct position.

Billing and Accounting

PrePass customers are billed monthly. PrePass Plus and Tolls-Only customers also receive a mid-month bill that reflects accrued toll usage and applicable toll discounts.

You can pay by check or credit card through your account. You may also pay by phone or set up recurring payments by calling 1-800-PREPASS (1-800-773-7277).

You can also mail a check along with your invoice payment coupon to:

PO Box 932588
Atlanta, GA  31193-2588

Bypassing invoices do not include timestamps. Toll invoices do include timestamps for each toll transaction.

If you were previously working for a company that provided PrePass transponders and you were not directly billed from PrePass, simply return your transponder(s) to the prior company. If you have your own PrePass account, you will need to submit a new application and copies of your new operating credentials so that your account can be updated.

For assistance, please contact the PrePass Service Center at 1-800-PREPASS (1-800-773-7277).

Customers can perform most maintenance related to the vehicles and transponders enrolled in their account by logging into their account. If you need assistance, please contact PrePass Customer Service at 1-800-PREPASS (1-800-773-7277).

Please contact the Customer Service Center at 1-800-PREPASS (1-800-773-7277). Have your registration and transponder available when you call, as we will need information from both items to quickly assist you.

Please refer to the available reports in the INFORM reports portal for this information.