PrePass Safety Alliance is the leading provider of weigh station bypass and toll payment services in the United States. Through an integration with Omnitracs, the PrePass weigh station bypass app is available from within the Omnitracs One mobility platform.

This integration allows qualified motor carriers using Omnitracs One to access weigh station bypass notifications and driver safety ALERTS™ by PrePass.

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By providing this essential information through the easy-to-use application on our Omnitracs One platform, fleets don’t need to install additional hardware in their cabs, and drivers benefit from an integrated application to access the crucial information that helps them hit their on-time targets.

- Mick Milnark, Vice President, Product Management at Omnitracs

Bypass weigh stations with the PrePass app

The PrePass app on the Omnitracs One platform uses a cellular connection to provide carriers and their drivers with weigh station bypassing and in-vehicle driver safety ALERTS. The benefit of legally passing weigh stations without stopping minimizes delays in freight movement while saving Omnitracs carriers time, fuel, and money. Over 700,000 commercial vehicles from more than 77,000 fleets utilize PrePass services today, based on their safety compliance and up-to-date credentials. These vehicles bypass an open, working weigh station, on average 12.3 times per month, saving a typical 100-truck fleet more than $128,000 each year.

Well before approaching a PrePass-equipped inspection facility, PrePass electronically pre-screens and quickly lets drivers know whether they’re cleared to stay on the road and bypass the weigh facility at highway speed, or if they need to slow down and pull in.

Get the most features with PrePass

In addition to notifying drivers of weigh station bypass opportunities, PrePass ALERTS is a passive notification safety feature that supports existing road signage. Commercial drivers receive ALERTS indicating work zones ahead, gusty wind areas, steep grades, dangerous slowdowns, parking availability, and more.

Customers using the PrePass app with Omnitracs have the option to add electronic toll payment services with PrePass Plus, an RFID-based service available only through PrePass. All PrePass services include access to PrePass INFORM™ software, which helps motor carriers analyze bypass and toll activity to spot trends, improve safety scores, reduce the risk of toll fraud, and provide new data insights into their operations.