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Only PrePass offers mobile app and transponder bypass technology options to meet the needs of today’s CTO. PrePass enhances your ability to generate profit; provides another layer of data for other business systems; and integrates with telematics systems you may already be using. With a small footprint, APIs and cloud-hosted infrastructure in the United States ensure you’re data is secure and accessible.

Tiny Footprint, Reliable Speed

Unlike other applications, the PrePass app does not require significant space on fleet hardware deployed in the field. This minimizes memory space and data costs. It also means easy deployment and fast over-the-air updates. For example, if a truck travels through 30 weigh stations in a month, the app will only consume about one megabyte of data. This is about the same amount of data as streaming music for two minutes or streaming 15 seconds of video.

PrePass Makes Data Integration Easy

PrePass application programming interfaces (APIs) allow the integration and automation of toll data, violations, dispute resolutions and more. The PrePass APIs include data file transfer processes and direct application connections to ensure a seamless and secure exchange of information. You can connect PrePass data with TMS systems, mobile applications and other back office systems. This provides 360 degree views of driver data, toll charge analytics, and access to PrePass safety and efficiency ALERTS within your ecosystem.

PrePass is certified by the 800-53 Security and Privacy Controls for Information Systems and Organizations set by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), part of the U.S. Department of Commerce. PrePass achieves this data security standard to meet the requirements of federal and state governments in exchange of sensitive data.

Cloud Hosted in the U.S.A.

No other provider can come close to the near 100% uptime achieved through PrePass’ cloud hosted infrastructure. As the only provider that hosts all data and manages all program services solely in the United States, PrePass ensures security, stability and scalability. This onshore focus means drivers receive the information they need to get to their destinations on time. And whether using an RFID transponder or the PrePass mobile app, the bypass solution provides the most bypass opportunities available.

PrePass adheres to a strict data confidentiality and retention policy. Sensitive data including timestamps are not shared unless under a subpoena. Bypass activity data is retained for 90 days and then securely purged from the PrePass database.

Centralized Data Management

Deploy and administer your weigh station bypass program through one centralized administration portal. Establish security levels and user visibility using the flexible backend. You can also configure app settings and driver ALERT preferences by driver, group, and fleet. Add trucks, re-assign transponders, monitor driver use, and more. The PrePass administration toolset provides a robust interface to ensure your bypass and electronic toll payment programs operate efficiently.

PrePass maintains carrier safety score, credential, bypass, inspection, toll charge and dispute data within secure data warehouses. PrePass provides this data to you through INFORM software. Included with PrePass subscriptions, these valuable SaaS reporting tools give you insights to improve safety scores and reduce toll related costs.