PrePass customers often go the extra mile by using data to improve performance, be more efficient and save money. The INFORM Data Suite’s interactive portals help owners and managers analyze bypass and toll activity to spot trends, mitigate safety and toll fraud risks, and provide new insights into their operation. Best of all, the INFORM Data Suite is included with all PrePass and PrePass Plus accounts at no additional charge.

INFORM™ Safety

This online data interface enables PrePass weigh station bypass customers to understand the makeup of their fleet’s Inspection Selection System (ISS) score and take action and improve safety and efficiency. This intuitive dashboard aggregates data into a user-friendly reporting and visualization interface, making it easy to see trends that might be causing safety scores to fluctuate.

  • Interactive map of truck inspection and violation locations by state, city and highway
  • Search by VIN number, site, violation and equipment to identify clusters and trends
  • Historical views of inspections and violations for performance tracking
  • Ability to export reports and integrate with other fleet management tools

INFORM™ Tolling

INFORM Tolling provides PrePass Plus customers the ability to view electronic toll transactions in a way that lets them easily analyze, manage and receive alerts to see where tolls are occurring, how much is spent, and spot any suspicious activity. It’s an excellent way to improve fleet efficiency and better manage financial exposure.

  • Toll analytics and account snapshots with interactive map and timeline
  • Help prevent fraud with customizable alerts for unauthorized or high volumes of tolls
  • Annual report functionality shows total payment activity, savings and more
  • Violations management tools to track payments and status of violations processing (coming soon)