PrePass services create efficiencies for qualified motor carriers by saving them time, fuel and money -- all while helping to make the highways safer and the earth a little greener by reducing pollution. According to the FMCSA, PrePass saves qualified carriers $8.68 per bypass, which adds up to more than $5.7 billion in operational cost savings for the industry since we began counting in 1997.

Drivers/Owner Operators

PrePass’s weigh station bypass service can eliminate many stops for weigh station inspections. In addition, PrePass Plus can also handle nationwide electronic toll payments through the same windshield-mounted transponder.

Fleet Executives

Equip your fleet with tools that make a big difference behind the wheel and in the boardroom. Weigh station bypass and tolling services not only help drivers stay safe and efficient, they save the company fuel and money.

Technology Executives

Only PrePass offers mobile app and transponder bypass technology options to meet the needs of today’s CTO. PrePass enhances your ability to generate profit; provides another layer of data for other business systems; and integrates with telematics systems you may already be using.

Financial Executive

No other weigh station bypass service offers motor carriers more ways to save than PrePass. That’s because PrePass provides multiple technology options so your fleet can avoid weigh station delays – which cost you money. PrePass also provides integrated electronic toll payments with toll discounts.

Safety Managers

With PrePass INFORM Safety, better manage your overall safety scores by visualizing the locations where your trucks are inspected most frequently, and know which drivers and trucks may need your focused attention.

Commercial Enforcement

PrePass pre-qualifies carriers and trucks to safely bypass weigh stations. In turn, commercial vehicle enforcement agencies can optimize efficiency and focus resources on the carriers most likely in need of attention.