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May 15th, 2019
Podcast #23: 7 Things You Need to Know About the Upcoming AOBRD Deadline

The deadline for those using automatic on-board recording devices to switch to ELDs is near the end of the year. But if you wait too close to the deadline to comply, you may find yourself unable to drive.

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May 13th, 2019
The AOBRD Deadline is Approaching – Act Now, Before It’s Too Late

December 16 may be the legal deadline to switch to ELDs – but it can take time to get it done and done right. Tucks not equipped with ELDs or truck drivers not trained in using ELDs and transferring data to law enforcement risk receiving citations.

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May 8th, 2019
Reducing Your Legal Risks Before Your Next Crash Happens

Whether or not your driver is at fault, a crash usually means one thing – you can expect an expensive and lengthy legal battle. The good news is you can prepare before the next crash happens. The bad news is the price is steep when you fail to plan.

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May 2nd, 2019
Increasing Marijuana Legalization and Use Raises Concerns for Trucking

Steve Vaughn, vice president of field operations, HELP Inc., provider of PrePass  This blog originally appeared on the FleetOwner.com IdeaXchange. […]

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April 30th, 2019
Podcast #22: How to Survive and Pass Roadcheck and Other Roadside Truck Inspections

Listen to this latest episode of the “Eyes on The Road” podcast, presented by PrePass, as host Evan Lockridge discusses the keys to passing roadside truck inspections.

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April 25th, 2019

October 28-31, 2019 Booth 4437 Georgia World Congress Center Atlanta, GA

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April 25th, 2019
in.sight user conference & expo

August 24-26, 2020 Virtual Event Click here for more information    

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April 25th, 2019
Women in Trucking

November 5-8, 2023 – Booth 710 Hilton Anatole, Dallas, TX Click here for more information

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April 24th, 2019
New Guide Explains Trucking and Related Trade Associations

“Ya’ can’t tell the players without a scorecard!” is the repeated cry of fans at baseball games. Scorecards tell many […]

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April 18th, 2019
The Dangers of Truck Driving While ‘Attentionally Blind’

By Steve Vaughn, vice president of field operations at HELP Inc., provider of PrePass We repeatedly hear the dangers of […]

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April 15th, 2019
Podcast #21: Calls to Increase Highway Funding Grow. Will Congress Finally Act and What Could It Cost Trucking?

There is little debate more money is needed to improve America’s road and bridges. This time, however, there appears to be more unity when it comes to increasing roadway funding, but could it cost you more?

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April 12th, 2019
Changes to Truck Driver Hours of Service Rules Take Big Step Forward

In late March at the Mid-America Trucking Show, Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao announced that the U.S. DOT had just sent […]

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