Answers at Your Fingertips

Get quick, clear insights into the factors impacting your fleet’s Inspection Selection System (ISS) score with INFORM, an advanced fleet safety software for PrePass customers. With INFORM, it’s simple to drill into inspection, violation and bypass data with the user-friendly dashboard to see exactly what needs improvement.

INFORM aggregates safety and bypass data from the PrePass database into a one-stop shop of information for carriers of all sizes. Designed for viewing on tablets and PCs, INFORM’s data is always up-to-date and easy to export into reports and action plans for use throughout your organization.

A photo of Marilyn Bellamy Hatcher

INFORM is the most valuable tool I use to improve safety across our fleet. The Dashboards are simple to read and allow me to identify primary issues within seconds – typically with one click. Also, INFORM’s Heat Maps provide regional enforcement trends that help our drivers focus on the areas that affect our safety scores. It’s an extremely useful resource!

- Marilyn Bellamy Hatcher, corporate fleet safety leader, Swift Transportation

INFORM™ Fleet Safety Software Benefits

In addition to all the benefits of PrePass weigh station bypass and toll payment services, INFORM provides the information you need to improve operations, safety and fleet efficiency.

  • Improve Inspection Selection System (ISS) scores.
  • Increase ability to bypass weigh station sites.
  • Improve maintenance and safety processes.
  • Build productive relationships with law enforcement.
  • Access safety data only available through PrePass.
  • Included with a PrePass weigh station bypass subscription.

INFORM Safety is free for PrePass customers. Contact customer service to register for access.