Find out exactly how much you’re spending on toll payments, manage violations, prevent fraud, and more with the INFORM Tolling software. As a component of our PrePass Tolls toll management and electronic payment service, INFORM Tolling offers more than just a snapshot of toll invoices and violations. It monitors daily tolling activity and can send notifications when transponders are being used improperly. You’ll wonder how you managed toll payments without it as it’s efficient and easy to use.

See All Toll Events in One Place

With INFORM Tolling, view all toll activity in one dashboard rather than managing independent accounts across your operating region. Use the INFORM Tolling dashboard to:

  • Analyze activity statements and see toll usage by tolling agency
  • Zoom in using interactive maps and timelines to see where and when toll activity occurs
  • Drill down by vehicle and ID numbers to find out which trucks and transponders have toll charges.

Stop Fraud in its Tracks

Misuse and theft of tolling devices is an immense problem for trucking companies. INFORM Tolling’s customizable threshold alerts can be programmed to send timely notifications when a possible fraudulent charge is detected. Receive alerts when:

  • A vehicle classification doesn’t match up with the assigned device
  • Toll charges exceed dollar limits that have been set
  • High volumes of tolls are appearing in one region or with one agency
  • Tolls are being charged to a device that’s unassigned to a driver or vehicle in your account

Violations & Disputes? We Can Help!

Tired of devoting time, resources, and extra dollars to tracking and paying violations? Part of INFORM Tolling’s capabilities is daily updates on status violation processing. With INFORM Tolling, you can:

  • Track the overall success rate of negotiated fees and payments
  • Let PrePass dispute or pay violations on your behalf
  • Spend less time directly managing a complex and often lengthy process
A Picture of various INFORM Tolling App Screens

Reporting, as Detailed as You Want

INFORM Tolling’s custom reporting helps you unpack the value of using PrePass Tolls. Create detailed reports or use INFORM Tolling to get a holistic view to help optimize performance.

  • Export reports to analyze your total cost in tolls, toll savings versus cash rates, and more
  • Quantify financial and labor savings of PrePass Tolls’ violation management service
  • Create reports for senior management or for auditing purposes

INFORM Tolling is free for PrePass Tolls and PrePass Plus customers. Contact customer service to register for access.