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Your trucks – and drivers— need to be the best on the road. Equip your fleet with the tools that make a big difference behind the wheel and back in the boardroom. Features like weigh station truck fleet bypass and toll collection technology not only help drivers stay safe and efficient, they save the company fuel and money. PrePass is already used by thousands of the most successful fleets in the U.S. and now with the INFORM truck fleet software, there’s no better time to begin realizing the benefits of PrePass.


When drivers need to sit and idle while awaiting inspection, it’s not good for your bottom line or the environment. PrePass truck fleet bypass customers save an average of .4 gallons of fuel and 5 minutes per bypass. Therefore, it makes sense to manage your fleet with the array of user-friendly, comprehensive tools in the PrePass suite of services.


With industry growth, increased regulation and an aging workforce, qualified drivers are in short supply. Pre-clearance technology is considered a desirable benefit to perspective drivers, so PrePass can give you a competitive advantage over other carriers. Not only bring the best drivers on-board, but with PrePass you’ll be more likely to retain them as long-term, valued employees.


Visibility is critical. Be the hero at your next meeting with deep insights into fleet performance and savings. In addition to bypass data, INFORM truck fleet software provides the information you need to manage safety scores, reoccurring maintenance issues and even toll fraud. Designed to easily export data and integrate with other fleet management tools, INFORM lets you demonstrate to shareholders exactly where improvements can be made to boost value.


Customers enjoy consolidated bypass and toll payment billing with PrePass. Low monthly bypass pricing includes unlimited access to INFORM and the power of Bl data. Fleets operating in regions with toll roads love PrePass Plus, an integrated electronic toll payment system. PrePass works with the various tolling authorities on your behalf and if there is ever a dispute, PrePass resolves it. This makes life in the back office a whole lot easier.