PrePass keeps qualified fleets of all sizes safely on the move by enabling them to bypass hundreds of weigh stations, ports of entry and agricultural inspection facilities across the nation. PrePass is the only provider to offer the benefits of a bypass app and transponder. PrePass also offers integrated toll management and electronic payment services on tolling systems throughout the U.S. In addition, INFORM™ data applications extend the value of PrePass far beyond weigh station bypassing. No other solution offers the innovation and value of PrePass.

Weigh Station Bypass

PrePass allows qualified commercial vehicles to bypass weigh stations, ports of entry and agriculture interdiction sites. PrePass provides the most bypass choices with transponder and mobile bypass app options.

INFORM™ Safety

Get quick, clear insights into your fleet's Inspection Selection System (ISS) score, safety benchmarks and more with INFORM Safety. Improve efficiency and safety with these insightful visualization dashboards.

Electronic Toll Payments

The PrePass Tolls provides seamless and efficient toll payment consolidation, discounted toll rates, max toll dispute resolution and optimization services.

INFORM™ Tolling

Get quick, clear insights into your fleet's tolling costs, identify fraud and over charges, and expedite the dispute process. INFORM Tolling helps improve efficiency and lower costs with insightful toll reporting.