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PrePass provides more than weigh station bypass and electronic toll payment services. Our service also includes INFORM Safety, a truck safety software and data portal to track trends and see issues within the fleet at a glance. Better manage your overall safety scores by visualizing the locations where your trucks are inspected most frequently and know which drivers and trucks may need your focused attention.


There’s no substitute for safety. PrePass has always improved safety for your drivers around weigh stations. And because PrePass is a hands-free technology, there’s less chance of distracted driving. Now, INFORM truck safety software provides additional data to make drivers even safer. And safer drivers mean safer roads for everyone.


Trucks out of compliance with safety regulations can result in out-of-service vehicles, loss of income and even enforcement investigations. Why risk it? PrePass is another instrument in your arsenal to keep trucks in service and help you receive the green light to bypass weigh stations. And if your safety scores are consistently high, your drivers enjoy fewer roadside inspections.


Are your trucks consistently being pulled in for inspection? PrePass and INFORM Safety can identify which vehicles might need service. Create work orders based on inspection results and share actionable data with internal stakeholders thanks to interactive reporting and integration capabilities. It’s an efficient and clear way to communicate what needs to get done, where, and why.


Customize your driver training programs based on inspection result data. The PrePass INFORM Safety interactive data portal puts Inspection Selection Safety (ISS) score facts at your fingertips. See trends, know exactly where improvements are needed and take immediate action to correct issues. Use this fleet data to help your drivers improve safety procedures and vehicle operation.