January 20th, 2022
Mobile Carriers are Ending 3G. Is Your Truck ELD Affected?

Mobile carriers are shutting down their 3G networks to make room for more advanced network services, including 5G. As a result, many older cell phones and other mobile devices may not connect to data services, including electronic logging devices. Once cellular carriers no longer support 3G networks, any electronic logging devices that rely on those networks will likely fail to meet the minimum requirements established by federal ELD technical specifications. This includes recording all required data elements and transferring ELD output files, according to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

January 14th, 2022
New COVID-19 Vaccine Requirements for Trucking into Canada

As of Jan. 15, 2022, all truck drivers entering Canada, regardless of nationality, must be fully vaccinated and carry proof of their vaccination status using the ArriveCAN app. Canada still considers truck drivers “essential workers”, but that status no longer exempts them from the Canadian vaccine mandate. Truck drivers who have not met all the Canadian entry requirements will be turned away at the border.

January 12th, 2022
Podcast #61: What New Regulations Await Trucking in 2022?

Listen to this latest episode of the “Eyes on the Road” trucking podcast as host Evan Lockridge talks with Warren Hoemann, PrePass consultant and former FMCSA official. They discuss different issues being considered by the agency. These include possible rules about automatic emergency braking, speed limiters, higher mandatory insurance levels, changes in hours of service rules and much more.

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January 6th, 2022
Using Hindsight to Improve Truck Safety

Hindsight has a bad rap. Sure, it might sound good when we say “Hindsight is 20/20” but we only say that  when something goes wrong. “Hindsight” has become the equivalent of “oops.” That’s because we use hindsight at exactly the wrong time. Instead of trotting out the retrospective approach when things go wrong, we should use it when things go right. Here’s a real-world example.

January 3rd, 2022
What’s Ahead for Trucking Regulations in 2022

The year 2022 is an election year. All 435 House seats and one-third of the evenly-divided Senate go up for election in November. During 2022, the actions of Congress, the White House and the regulatory agencies, such as the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and others, will be driven by and compared to their impact on the November elections. Two issues dominate today’s politics – and today’s trucking — COVID-19 and its variants and the supply chain crisis. And both will factor in heavily when it comes to Uncle Sam creating and refining trucking regulations in 2022.

December 29th, 2021
Using Technology to Solve Trucking’s Top Industry Issues

Watch this webinar, “Using Technology to Solve Trucking’s Top Industry Issues,” and learn how you can better address some of the biggest challenges your trucking business faces. Hear from two experts with PrePass and Geotab as they discuss ways your fleet can leverage technology and operational improvements to better address these pressing issues.