We all know the advice, “Just put a little aside each paycheck.” With PrePass weigh station bypass, those savings not only add up quickly, they add up automatically. There’s no need to “put a little aside” with each trip, no coupons to cash, or member discount cards to show vendors.

In a new PrePass whitepaper “Learn How Weigh Station Bypass Adds Up to Big Savings on Time, Fuel, and Money,” we look at five typical interstate truck routes. With each route, you will see the exact weigh stations that allow trucks to bypass using either the PrePass transponder or the PrePass app and the corresponding savings in time, fuel, and dollars that quickly accumulate, even with a single truck.

The dollars saved, of course, are much larger across a whole fleet – and larger still across the breadth of PrePass customers. After all, more than 105,000 motor carriers and more than 750,000 trucks in the U.S. and Canada rely on the PrePass weigh station bypass program. For each of these five truck routes, the whitepaper shows just how much all PrePass customers saved in 2021.

Traveling east on I-80 from California to New Jersey? With one truck, you will save an average of 80 minutes in travel time, $80 in operational costs, and $40 in fuel, while bypassing 16 weigh stations. All PrePass customers making that same journey in 2021 saved more than $24 million combined!

These are not numbers pulled out of a hat. This whitepaper relies on data from an economic analysis performed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Sometimes, though, the benefit of weigh station bypass adds up to more than money. The time saved on the California-New Jersey jaunt means more flexibility in where and when drivers can stop and rest. On the route from Nashville, TN, to Raleigh/Durham, NC, time saved bypassing weigh stations helps to keep the journey comfortably within legal hours of service limits.

Of course, the greatest returns of all come from a motor carrier’s commitment to highway safety, reduced liability costs, better insurance, less driver turnover, and more loyal and satisfied customers.

Read the PrePass whitepaper “Learn How Weigh Station Bypass Adds Up to Big Savings on Time, Fuel, and Money,” and discover how these five routes, and many others, bring you big savings with PrePass.