Integrate toll payment services with PrePass weigh station bypass for qualified carriers. There are many pluses to PrePass Plus.

  • Avoid delays and wait times at toll booths.
  • Save money thanks to discounted toll prices.
  • Improve efficiency with consolidated billing statements.
  • Reduce costs and have peace of mind with violation and toll dispute services.
  • Improve safety and driver morale by simplifying the driving experience in busy corridors.

Pay truck tolls electronically and reduce the frequency of weigh station inspections through one account with PrePass.

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PrePass operates at over 400 fixed sites plus mobile sites in North America

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  • Committed Future Site
  • Operational Fixed Site
  • MOTION Only Fixed Site
  • NORPASS/Green Light/Weigh2Go

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  • Committed Future Site
  • Operational Fixed Site
  • MOTION Only Fixed Site
  • NORPASS/Green Light/Weigh2Go

PrePass Plus operates with 8 tolling authorities within 21 states across North America

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Regional Map
  • FasTrak
  • K-Tag
  • Pikepass
  • EZ Tag/TollTag/TxTag
  • SunPass
  • E-ZPass
A photo of a computer displaying the INFORM™ Tolling user interface

INFORM™ Tolling

INFORM Tolling is the only data management tool in the industry designed to give truck operators and fleet managers actionable tolling information through one single, intuitive portal. As part of the PrePass Plus electronic toll payment service, INFORM Tolling’s interactive dashboard breaks down tolls by device, geographic region and tolling agency. It monitors potential toll fraud and alerts you to improper use. And with violations and payment processing, INFORM Tolling provides real-time updates on payments and disputes.

Watch INFORM™ Tolling Demo

How PrePass Plus Works

Open Road Tolling

Electronic scanner reads and registers the transponder as it passes through the open road toll plaza at normal highway speeds.


The appropriate toll is then billed to the carrier's PrePass Plus account.


In some states, overhead cameras will also read and record the license plates of trucks without transponders or those with non-working transponders.


The truck continues down the highway at normal speeds. PrePass' Service Center representatives will work with customers to resolve any disputes if a violation is received in error.


When the PrePass Plus enrolled truck slowly passes through the toll lane, the transponder is read instantly and the proper toll amount is billed to the carrier’s PrePass Plus account.


At locations with gates, the gate will be raised when a valid transponder is read.


Some locations have a video enforcement system in place to better identify violators or to help identify the vehicle in those rare instances when a transponder is not working properly. Additionally, in Kansas, a driver must also be prepared to give the toll attendant the Kansas Tolling Authority number located on the front of the transponder if the paid toll is not recognized and the gate does not go up.


The signal to proceed is displayed to the driver just beyond the toll booth.

Note: The transponder may not light up or give any indication signal when scanned.

One-Stop-Shop to Pay Truck Tolls and Bypass: ElitePass

Simplify life on the road by combining truck toll payments with bypass services in one transponder with ElitePass®. In a number of states, PrePass carriers have the option to enroll in ElitePass. Carriers can bypass weigh stations and pay truck tolls under one account with consolidated invoices. Available at hundreds of locations nationwide, it’s a great way to avoid the hassle of toll plaza stops.

Whether it’s saving drivers and companies time, fuel and money at weigh stations, or keeping trucks out of the cash lanes at toll plazas, PrePass offers best-in-class solutions for every qualified fleet operation.