Are you ready to comply with the federal electronic logging device (ELD) mandate? PrePass has you covered with a simple, affordable solution: The PrePass ELD app.

Designed with simplicity in mind, this mobile application takes only seconds to install: simply plug your OBD device into the truck’s diagnostic port, and PrePass ELD app will begin recording movement and driver hours. It’s straightforward and only captures the data required by law. And because it’s part of the PrePass family of services, PrePass ELD includes the same high standards for data privacy and customer support you’ve come to expect.

Best of all, it won’t break the bank. The ELD app is a stand-alone service and does not interact or share data with the PrePass weigh station bypass transponder.

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Getting Started is Easy.

The PrePass ELD app is designed with drivers in mind. Not only can PrePass ELD keep you in compliance with hours-of-service logs, it lets you record fleet performance through its cloud-based, central management portal. Keeping track of hours on the road goes beyond following law: it’s about keeping drivers – and everyone else on the road – safe.

  • Contact PrePass to set up your Fleet Manager account.
  • Log in and add drivers to your account.
  • Receive the OBD devices and install into your trucks.
  • Drivers download the app, log in and follow instructions.

Documentation:  User Guide |  User Guide Spanish |  Fleet Manager Guide |  End User License Agreement |  Frequently Asked Questions |  ELD Quick Start Guide |  ELD Quick Start Guide (Spanish) |  Duty Status Change Quick Guide |  Duty Status Change Quick Guide (Spanish)