Guest: Donald Broughton from Broughton Capital

A quick check of the news about the overall health of the U.S. economy as well as the trucking industry shows both are continuing a very strong performance. However, some economic observers, as well as trucking industry watchers, warn we could soon see a downturn.

Listen to the latest “Eyes on the Road” podcast, presented by PrePass, as host Evan Lockridge talks with economist and market strategist Donald Broughton of the investment advisory firm Broughton Capital, which focuses on trucking. Broughton is challenging the notion these good times will soon end. Rather, he believes we are at the beginning of a new and different time of prosperity for trucking and the economy.

“Eyes on the Road” is the official podcast from PrePass, the premier weigh station bypass service for the trucking industry in North America. Just follow the links near the top of this page to hear previous installments or to subscribe.

Eyes on the Road with PrePass
Eyes on the Road with PrePass

Evan Lockridge is a veteran broadcaster and award-winning trucking journalist. "Eyes on the Road" discusses trucking industry hot topics for drivers and fleet managers. The series is presented by PrePass, providers of weigh station bypass, toll payment services and trucking technology.