Guest: Deborah Lockridge, editor in chief of Heavy Duty Trucking magazine

Following too closely is a factor in some 25,000 truck crashes annually in the U.S., according to federal numbers. And while that represents only a fraction of the approximately half-million truck involved crashes annually, new developments and recent demonstrations show many if not all of these type crashes could become a thing of the past.

In this episode of “Eyes on the Road” presented by PrePass, Evan Lockridge talks with Heavy Duty Trucking magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Deborah Lockridge. They discuss how truck platooning, including pairing just two trucks, holds the promise of improving truck safety while also leading to significant advancements in autonomous truck technology.

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Eyes on the Road with PrePass
Eyes on the Road with PrePass

Evan Lockridge is a veteran broadcaster and award-winning trucking journalist. "Eyes on the Road" discusses trucking industry hot topics for drivers and fleet managers. The series is presented by PrePass, providers of weigh station bypass, toll payment services and trucking technology.