For any trucking company, the more time saved during a pickup or delivery can easily translate into making more money. But when a carrier is smaller, with a little more than a dozen trucks, time is even more crucial because each truck represents a greater percentage of their total fleet.

That’s why Empire Warehouse has remained a PrePass customer for more than 25 years, according to Tom Lee. He’s the owner and vice president of operations and safety at this Colorado-based fleet. It has 14 company drivers and operates in a region where Lee says there are backups at most every weigh station his trucks come across.

Both Lee and Empire were involved in the Crescent Project, a demonstration project involving five states and one Canadian province that began in the mid-1980’s. This project resulted in the PrePass bypass service you and many other successful carriers and drivers know today.

“If you can save 45 minutes on a trip that allows a driver, when he gets to the other end, a chance to get that much more rest, that’s important” Lee says. Read in this PrePass case study other reasons why saving time is both import to Lee, Empire Warehouse and its drivers.

In this case study you also learn how PrePass helps Empire Warehouse drivers stay on schedule and why the company remains a PrePass customer after all of this time, despite offers from other weigh station bypass service providers.

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