In this two-part series, we look at three common interstate truck routes and demonstrate the cumulative savings that bypassing weigh stations with PrePass provides. In the first part, we examined the western route between Salt Lake City, UT and Riverside, CA. Now we tackle a truck route in the East and another cross-country.

Once again, we base our savings figures on conservative averages: the 5 minutes of time saved per bypass; the nearly half gallon of diesel fuel usually burned while inching through a weigh station at today’s cost of $5 per gallon; and $1 per minute in typical operational costs per pull-in.

Ready for a road trip?

Route #2: I-40, Nashville, TN to Raleigh/Durham, NC

Leaving the “Music City” and heading to the “City of Oaks,” this eight and a half-hour journey crosses the Great Smoky Mountains, and four weigh stations in the PrePass network:

  • Knoxville Weigh Station, Knoxville, TN
  • Asheville Weigh Station, Asheville, NC
  • Statesville Weigh Station, Statesville, NC
  • Hillsborough Weigh Station, 6 miles west of Hillsborough, NC

In 2021, trucks from PrePass customers safely bypassed these four weigh stations a total of more than 1.3 million times.

Using our savings estimates, each PrePass subscribed truck making this one-way trip saves about: 20 minutes in travel time, TWO gallons of fuel ($10 in fuel at $5 per gallon cost for diesel), and $20 in operational costs. We base these numbers on an economic analysis the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration performed on the benefits of commercial vehicle information systems.

Perhaps more important, that eight and a half-hour figure between Nashville and Raleigh/Durham is estimated driving time only. Add in a rest break, traffic, slower speeds on mountain roads, load securement checks en route, and possible time spent at a weigh station, and the 20 minutes saved courtesy of the PrePass bypass helps to keep the journey comfortably within legal hours of service limits.

Last year, all PrePass customers traveling this route saved nearly $9.75 million.

Route #3: I-80, California to New Jersey

Starting at the Cordelia scales on I-80, between Vallejo and Fairfield, CA, and finishing at the weigh station in Knowlton Township, NJ, just west of New York City, this cross-country truck trip includes 16 weigh stations in the PrePass network.

Rather than list the I-80 weigh stations here, just know that, in 2021, PrePass customers safely bypassed all sixteen a total of nearly 3.3 million times. That speaks to the reliability of PrePass, the confidence PrePass customers place in the program, and, of course, the savings!

Just one PrePass customer truck trekking from California to New Jersey would save an average of 80 minutes in travel time, $80 in operational costs, and $40 in fuel. The driver would also gain more flexibility regarding when and where to stop and rest.

Overall, in 2021 PrePass customers saved more than $24 million bypassing these 16 weigh stations along I-80. What they didn’t bypass are the cumulative savings that come with being a PrePass customer. Start getting your savings today by signing up for PrePass.


This blog is published as a public service of PrePass®, the most reliable and technologically advanced weigh station bypass and electronic trucking toll payment platform in North America. PrePass also includes INFORM™ Safety and Tolling software for improving truck safety scores and lowering toll costs.