On Sunday, October 22, PrePass executives officially announced a new option for weigh station bypass at the 2017 ATA Management Conference & Exposition in Orlando, FL.

PrePass MOTION works in addition to HELP’s existing PrePass transponder-based service, which more than 54,000 fleets use for its accuracy and reliability. With the addition of PrePass MOTION, more safe commercial vehicles than ever — from large fleets to owner-operators — will have the opportunity to bypass facilities at highway speeds, saving them time and money, thanks to state-of-the-art geolocation and geo-fencing technology.

According to Karen Rasmussen, HELP Inc. President and CEO, while the PrePass transponder-based bypass system remains the most accurate way to transmit a truck’s bypass status to inspection facilities, PrePass MOTION was developed to expand PrePass’ weigh station bypass service to more locations and states.

“PrePass MOTION offers additional opportunities to bypass sites that do not have PrePass infrastructure,” Rasmussen said.

MOTION will be included with the PrePass weigh station bypass service offered at no additional charge to existing customers. Customers may use MOTION as a stand-alone application or alongside the PrePass transponder for maximum bypass opportunities.

PrePass MOTION is a native application that will be available in late 2017 for both Android and iOS devices via the app stores and the PrePass web site. The app includes a complete set of features that can be used on any current device and without proprietary hardware.