PHOENIX, April 10, 2018 – In just over 90 days, hundreds of PrePass customers, representing over 100,000 commercial vehicles, have been enrolled in the NORPASS and Oregon Green Light weigh station bypass programs, thanks to agreements between Washington Department of Transportation (WSDOT), Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) and HELP Inc., the provider of PrePass services.

PrePass-enrolled trucks are now bypassing weigh stations at 44 additional locations in seven states: Alaska, Connecticut, Idaho, New York, Oregon, South Dakota and Washington. NORPASS is operated by WSDOT on behalf of the other NORPASS states, and Oregon Green Light is run by the ODOT Motor Carrier Transportation Division (MCTD).

Previously, fleets wishing to bypass weigh stations in Oregon, Washington and other NORPASS jurisdictions purchased a transponder from WSDOT that also worked in the other jurisdictions. Now fleets need just one transponder in their trucks — a NORPASS/Oregon Green Light Transponder purchased from WSDOT that can be enrolled in PrePass, or a PrePass transponder that can be enrolled in NORPASS/Oregon Green Light. These partnerships represent significant progress toward a key goal set by U.S. Department of Transportation a decade ago for interoperability of bypass and tolling transponders nationwide.

“The enthusiastic participation by our customers to take advantage of HELP’s partnerships with NORPASS and Oregon Green Light demonstrates the exceptional value of weigh station bypassing,” said Karen Rasmussen, Chief Executive Officer of HELP Inc. “Safe fleets and drivers appreciate the time and fuel savings of PrePass in additional jurisdictions, and the opportunities for interoperability of their transponders.”

Nationwide, since HELP began compiling data in 1997, PrePass has logged over 800 million operational weigh station bypasses resulting in more than $6 billion in savings to motor carriers. Currently, over 556,000 qualified commercial vehicles from more than 57,000 fleets use PrePass for bypassing and electronic toll payment.

PrePass customers who want to use their transponders at NORPASS locations or in Oregon Green Light should contact PrePass customer service at 1-800-773-7277. As part of the registration process, carriers must submit a signed waiver of HELP’s data privacy policy to allow HELP the ability to share transponder data with NORPASS and/or Green Light.

HELP does not charge additional fees to enroll PrePass transponders in NORPASS or Oregon Green Light. For more information about PrePass, visit