Guest: Warren Hoemann, former FMCSA deputy administrator

If a trucker drives more than their allowable hours, can an electronic logging device be used to alert law enforcement to hand out a citation? If a chicken hauler is approaching a weigh station, can they bang on the side of the truck, scaring the chickens, causing them to fly, so the truck is lighter when it passes over the scale?

These and many other questions are explored and answered in the latest episode of the “Eyes on the Road” podcast, presented by PrePass. Host Evan Lockridge talks with former FMCSA Deputy Administrator Warren Hoemann about some of the most commonly held beliefs and myths about trucking and which are true and which are false. These also include whether truckers can accurately check the air pressure in their tires with a “tire billy” rather than a pressure gauge, whether drivers can legally use marijuana in states where it’s permitted for recreational and medical use, and whether a driver is truly responsible for load securement since they often don’t load the trailer.

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Eyes on the Road with PrePass
Eyes on the Road with PrePass

Evan Lockridge is a veteran broadcaster and award-winning trucking journalist. "Eyes on the Road" discusses trucking industry hot topics for drivers and fleet managers. The series is presented by PrePass, providers of weigh station bypass, toll payment services and trucking technology.