“Ya’ can’t tell the players without a scorecard!” is the repeated cry of fans at baseball games. Scorecards tell many things — who the players are, what positions they play, personal statistics and so much more.

Scorecards come in handy, too, for anyone trying to understand the world of trucking and related trade associations and regulatory groups. With often long, complex names, the identity of many of these groups is presented in the truncated form of acronyms. It’s an alphabet soup of trucking.

PrePass is here to help. Its newly-released whitepaper, “The Alphabet Soup of Trucking: Understanding Trade Associations and Government Organizations,” explains how trucking trade associations represent their members; how they are organized and funded; how they can assist individual fleets or drivers; what’s the function of each of these many associations, and more.

In this whitepaper, you will also find a glossary of the better-known national associations and regulatory bodies, from AAA to WIT. There is also a listing of the state trucking associations affiliated with the American Trucking Associations and the provincial trucking associations affiliated with the Canadian Trucking Alliance.

Why is this understanding so important? Trade associations occupy every segment of the American political landscape and represent the common interests of their members. They may do so through lobbying elected officials at the state or federal level, focusing attention on specific regulatory agencies, promoting business professionalism and industry standards, offering training programs and professional certifications – or all of the above. Lastly, these groups can have a big effect on the lawmaking and regulatory process.

To learn more about trade associations and those in the world of trucking, download the free PrePass whitepaper “The Alphabet Soup of Trucking: Understanding Trade Associations and Government Organizations.”