Guest: Terry Maple with HELP Inc

This week, July 15-21, truck drivers are receiving extra scrutiny from law enforcement across the country as part of Operation Safe Driver Week. The event is organized by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, the same group who puts together the annual three-day truck inspection blitz known as Roadcheck, held earlier this year, as well as Brake Safety Week, set for September 16-22.

In this podcast, Evan Lockridge speaks with Terry Maple, who served with the Kansas Highway Patrol for more than 30 years before retiring a few years ago as the department’s superintendent and CEO. They discuss the perceptions surrounding the events. They also talk about how both trucking fleets and drivers can use these enforcement events to actually improve their federal safety scores and what’s the benefit of doing so.

Eyes on the Road is the official podcast from PrePass, the premier weigh station bypass service for the trucking industry in North America.

Eyes on the Road with PrePass
Eyes on the Road with PrePass

Evan Lockridge is a veteran broadcaster and award-winning trucking journalist. "Eyes on the Road" discusses trucking industry hot topics for drivers and fleet managers. The series is presented by PrePass, providers of weigh station bypass, toll payment services and trucking technology.