When it comes to weigh station bypass, trucking companies often compare PrePass versus Drivewyze. Both companies provide weigh station bypass services through an app on a mobile device. However, there are several key differences in these services.

The primary difference between Drivewyze and PrePass is the service offering. Drivewyze provides only a weigh station bypass app and driver safety alert notifications on mobile devices and telematics platforms. PrePass offers similar products, and, in addition provides a full service suite of integrated and value-add strategic solutions:

  • PrePass bypass app and driver safety alert notifications
  • Weigh station bypass using RFID transponders
  • Nationwide toll payment and toll cost management services
  • A suite of exclusive fleet safety management software tools
  • Weigh Station Bypass Technologies

Both PrePass and Drivewyze provide weigh station bypass service via a mobile application and cellular connection. The PrePass app (available on Apple iOS, Android, and select telematics and ELD devices) works independently or in tandem with the PrePass transponder to increase bypass opportunities. This includes the ability to bypass when a PrePass transponder reader is not present at the weigh station. Therefore, both bypass apps provide expanded coverage to a greater number of locations.

Some third-party enforcement locations, including Weigh2GoBC, NORPASS and Oregon Green Light, only accept transponder bypassing. With a transponder, PrePass customers can expand access to these sites in the states of Washington, Oregon, Idaho, South Dakota, Alaska parts of New York and Connecticut, and the province of British Columbia. The PrePass transponder also provides 100% data transmission accuracy at sites with transponder RFID readers.

While the benefits of transponder bypass technology are clear, there are reasons to consider mobile app‑ based bypassing including PrePass and Drivewyze. Bypass apps provide driver safety alerts including work zones, traffic congestion, adverse weather conditions, gusty wind areas, steep grades, brake check areas, runaway truck ramps, commercial vehicle parking, rest areas, no commercial vehicle roads and more. Mobile weigh station bypass apps also provide ease of deployment, integration with fleet management telematics or ELD systems and coverage for smaller weigh stations and mobile enforcement sites.

Unlike Drivewyze, PrePass customers can use a transponder with the bypass app for one low monthly subscription. When using a transponder with the bypass app, if a transponder read occurs, the bypass result will display on the app. This way, customers receive all of the transponder benefits with greater location coverage and driver safety notifications.

Toll Payment Services

Another key benefit of PrePass is the ability to add nationwide toll payment services through PrePass Plus. PrePass Plus provides both weigh station bypassing and toll payments with one transponder. In addition to providing one consolidated billing statement to customers, PrePass offers toll reconciliation, dispute resolution and the highest toll discounts available through toll agencies.

Electronic toll payment services are only available through the use of an RFID transponder. Cellular applications including Drivewyze and the PrePass app will not be able to provide electronic toll payment services in the foreseeable future.

Fleet Management Software

PrePass also offers powerful data software tools including INFORM™ Safety and INFORM Tolling. These tools are available only to PrePass customers and are included with the service. The INFORM software provides insights into your operation to help improve safety scores and reduce toll related costs. This ultimately helps you improve your bottom line.

PrePass vs Drivewyze Final Word

With over 700,000 users representing over 92,000 carriers, PrePass is the most extensive and utilized weigh station bypass platform available.

When you compare different bypass solutions, some providers publicize total bypass site locations as an important decision factor. While this sounds good, it is of little significance. Some enforcement sites are rarely in operation or are not situated along the routes you travel. Instead of considering total number of bypass locations, consider the bypass locations that matter to you. Start with a comparison of your common routes and bypass sites available at the locations you frequent. Identify these locations and which types of bypass technologies they accept.

With a robust service offering, PrePass can tailor the bypass solution to your specific operation. Our consultants work to understand your business and provide options best suited to your routes, fleet composition and data information needs. When considering PrePass versus Drivewyze, evaluate the total solution and how you can maximize the available benefits to your operation.