In trucking, the more rigs you have hauling freight, the more money you can make. Just ask any fleet. But when it comes to using transponders for weigh station bypassing and paying tolls electronically, having more isn’t necessarily better. In fact, it makes things worse.

For example, team ground expeditor couple Bob and Linda Caffee (pictured above), average some 120,000 miles a year. For them, and like many other truckers, they operate on strict deadlines. One of the keys to their success is they had five transponders on their truck – one from PrePass and four for paying tolls electronically – allowing them to save money and time at weigh stations and toll booths.

The good news is that these five transponders covered them most anywhere they drove. The bad news is they received invoices from five different companies each month. Worse yet, if they had a problem, especially with an incorrect toll charge, it was difficult figuring out who to call. This was especially true with the E-ZPass network and the many different states participating in it.

To solve the problem, Bob and Linda switched to the PrePass ElitePass transponder. Now instead of having five transponders, they just have one on their windshield. That means they only receive one invoice each month for all their weigh station bypass and toll payment needs. And if there is a problem, such as a toll charge being incorrect, it only takes one call to PrePass to get it resolved. Better still, they get more electronic toll payment coverage in more places.

“It’s been great…instead of having to slow down at toll booths and weigh stations, which is something I really don’t like, and having to pick up speed again,” Linda says. “It keeps us on track a lot easier, while also saving on fuel costs.”

But there are other benefits for the Caffees besides just saving time and money. They also get valuable analytical data about their highway activity when it comes to weigh station bypass and toll charges.

Read more about their experience with PrePass ElitePass in a new whitepaper. You may very well find out that it too can make your business run smoother, faster and better yet, more profitable like Bob and Linda Caffee’s – no matter if you have one truck or more than a thousand trucks.

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