It’s often been said, people don’t often appreciate what they have until it’s gone, including in business.

For instance, you may have paid for a service in which you determined really wasn’t helping you out like you had hoped. For instance, a more expensive data plan for your cell phone. But, one day you determined you wanted to cut back and instead rely more of free wi-fi hotspots. However, like many of us have found, free wi-fi often can have terrible service compared to a cell phone company’s data plan. Then suddenly it hits you — you really miss the data plan you had.

Such an analogy can be applied to one trucking company. Kentucky-based Phoenix Transportation has been a PrePass customer since 1998. However, a few years ago they dropped both its PrePass weigh station bypass and toll payment service. The reason? The company wanted to improve its safety scores. And that meant one thing — getting their trucks to go through weigh stations more often where they felt they would get good inspection reports.

However, such a decision came with a price, according to Mark Barnes, the company’s vice-president of safety and recruiting. While Phoenix’s safety scores did improve, there were also negative effects. One, PrePass was a favorite among drivers. Two, Phoenix was forced to deal with complex issues such as incorrect charges and toll disputes from multiple toll agencies. After a short time, Barnes reversed his decision and went back to PrePass, freeing him and his staff up, and saving them time and money.

Read more about the benefits Phoenix Transportation discovered after re-subscribing to PrePass in this new and free whitepaper.