Recent advances in truck fleet technology allow efficiency on the road that were unimaginable and impossible for carriers 25 years ago. Modern fleets record logs electronically and no longer track trucks with pencil and paper. With increasing technology options, it is important to find ways to simplify the driving experience.

Trucking companies now work to integrate these different systems to improve efficiency. This provides companies with integrated dashboards and drivers with simple, consolidated displays. That’s exactly why D&H Transportation began using PrePass and Geotab.

In this new case study, learn how this California-based fleet improved its operation by integrating the PrePass MOTION weigh station bypass application with its Geotab telematics system.

With Geotab, D&H Transportation accesses key vehicle maintenance and diagnostic code data to streamline maintenance processes. Geotab also helps D&H streamline operations in other ways, including International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) reporting. Prior to installing Geotab, it would take D&H a week to go through all the driver paperwork, and keep track of mileage. This was a very labor-intensive and lengthy process, but not anymore.

With the PrePass integration, drivers now access bypass and safety alerts with Geotab on a single display. Drivers receive expanded weigh station bypass opportunities in addition to visual and audible notifications for parking, rest areas, hazardous events and more. D&H Transportation is now improving safety, saving thousands of dollars a year, plus lots of valuable time.

According to David Butcher, D&H Transportation’s safety specialist, his drivers love having both PrePass and Geotab working together. That adds up to helping improve both driver retention and recruitment.

Download this whitepaper and discover how your fleet can reap the benefits like D&H Transportation is doing through the use of PrePass MOTION and its integration with Geotab.