Smart truckers already know they save time and money by using the PrePass weigh station bypass service. Now the best just got better with PrePass MOTION, the premiere weigh station bypass mobile application. While PrePass transponders provide 99.9% reliability, there are compelling reasons to use PrePass MOTION.

Get more green lights. According to a Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration study, each time a truck bypasses a weigh station, drivers save five minutes of their valuable time. This means a savings of at least $8.68 in terms of operational costs, including fuel. With the addition of PrePass MOTION, you can bypass PrePass equipped weigh stations that don’t have transponder technology. In addition to PrePass transponder technology, trucks receive a comprehensive weigh station bypass solution that no one else offers. All this adds up to seeing more green lights, along with more green in your wallet.

PrePass MOTION is included. If you’re already a PrePass weigh station bypass subscriber there is no additional charge to add PrePass MOTION to your service. This means there will be no changes to your PrePass billing statement. You will not receive a separate bill and all bypass transactions will appear the same when using MOTION or the PrePass transponder. If you’re not yet a PrePass customer, you have the option of using a transponder, MOTION, or both. It’s that simple.

Available for both Android and Apple iOS powered devices. PrePass MOTION is available to download today from both the Apple App Store and the Google Play store. Once you’ve downloaded it to your phone or tablet, you simply contact PrePass to activate. PrePass recommends use of both the transponder and MOTION to leverage optimum reliability and location coverage. However, customers have the flexibility of selecting the best bypass solution for their needs.

PrePass MOTION is built for performance. Unlike some other mobile applications, PrePass MOTION runs in the background of your device, so it doesn’t interfere with other applications. And when it comes to using data, the amount if very minimal. For instance, if you travel through 30 weigh stations in a month, the amount of data the app will use will be about 1 MB. That’s the equivalent of just 2 minutes of streaming music or 15 seconds of streaming video.

Get that competitive advantage. It’s difficult being an owner-operator or small fleet when it comes to competing with large carriers. PrePass MOTION, when either combined with the PrePass weigh station bypass transponder or without, helps put you on a level playing field with the “big boys” that are already taking advantage of this service. This helps you save time and money, just like them, allowing you go get to your shippers and receivers faster.