Truck drivers perform in an extraordinarily complex environment. Drivers must deal with dizzying streams of state and federal regulations, often uncooperative motorists, changing traffic and highway conditions, plus many other challenges. This all happens while an electronic logging device continually monitors drivers and by the prospect of time-consuming weigh station inspections.

Fortunately, trucking telematics and navigation providers have onboard platforms to ease this complexity. Meantime, on the weigh station front, PrePass allows safe, qualified motor carriers to bypass the scales and inspections, saving significant time, fuel and money.

Still, the first tenet of trucking safety is “eyes on the road.” The more devices and screens a truck driver must keep an eye on, the less time those same eyes are watching the road ahead. That’s why PrePass partners with leading telematics and navigation service providers to integrate the PrePass weigh station bypass application into one device.

Now trucking companies who choose these solutions from Garmin, Geotab, Omnitracs, or Pedigree Technologies can also receive PrePass on-screen notifications of upcoming weigh stations and bypass decisions. One device, one screen, and only one log-on.

With the single sign-in feature, when the truck driver logs on to begin operations, they automatically activate PrePass and all the telematics or navigation services that Garmin, Geotab, Omnitracs, and Pedigree Technologies provide. The PrePass/partner driver experience is seamless.

With PrePass, truck drivers receive more than just weigh station bypass notifications. They also receive real-time roadway safety alerts, advising them, audibly and on-screen, of upcoming work zones, traffic incidents and crashes, dangerous slow-downs, traffic congestion, and much more. PrePass and its partners together put truck driver safety out front.

Garmin, Geotab, Omnitracs, and Pedigree also understand that a full motor carrier safety program requires more than the here and now. It requires that a motor carrier looks at violation data by history and location to improve driver performance and safety.

That’s where the partnership with PrePass is unique – only PrePass offers its customers INFORM Safety, the easy-to-use data visualization software that displays 24 months of carrier safety data. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration uses this very same data when evaluating fleet safety. PrePass customers use INFORM Safety to drill down by location, truck, driver, or type of violation and uncover the root cause of any safety issues so they can be corrected. PrePass and its partners combine what is happening now with what happened in the past to help keep motor carrier and truck driver safety on track.

And when fleet operations involve toll roads, it’s good to know that the same integrated PrePass bypass app works seamlessly with the PrePass Plus transponder. This integration gives drivers and fleets automated toll payments, volume discounts, a single invoice for toll charges, and more. Also, you receive the robust toll management capabilities of INFORM Tolling, so you can see exactly how much you’re spending on tolls, manage toll violations, prevent toll fraud, and more.

Garmin, Geotab, Omnitracs, and Pedigree Technologies are names the trucking industry looks to for the latest in telematics and navigation services. Now, having these systems on board means having PrePass, too. One device, one screen, and one single sign-in. It’s the PrePass/partner driver experience – the best in convenience and safety.

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