For over a quarter century, PrePass has advanced the shared goals of safety and efficiency among its trucking industry and government partners through the PrePass weigh station bypass program. Qualified motor carriers and professional drivers know they save time and money while legally bypassing weigh stations and roadside inspection sites, whether using a PrePass transponder or the the PrePass app. State and provincial commercial motor vehicle agencies recognize that PrePass helps them handle vehicle volumes and allows them to focus on CMVs and drivers who may need additional attention.

With PrePass Plus, fleets and drivers also experience improved efficiency when traveling on the numerous toll roads, tunnels and bridges that partner with PrePass. No more slowing and stopping at toll booths and trying to merge safely back into the traffic stream. No more having drivers carry cash and keep track of receipts. No more hassles with multiple agencies or authorities, differing enrollment procedures, billing programs, variable discounts and disputing erroneous tolls. PrePass Plus and PrePass’ INFORM Tolling data visualization software makes carriers’ toll management and accounting easier.

Now a major tolling authority has provided evidence that cashless tolling – possible for CMVs through PrePass Plus – also improves safety on toll facilities. In late February, the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey announced that the implementation of cashless tolling, along with the construction of wider lanes and shoulders, has reduced crashes on the Goethals Bridge by 57% over the past five years. This dramatic improvement in safety for this span connecting Elizabeth, New Jersey to Staten Island, New York came despite an annual increase of more than seven million vehicles crossing the bridge in the period studied. The 2019 accident rate on the Goethals Bridge fell to 2.29 per million vehicles, compared to a 5.37 per million rate in 2014.

Port Authority officials note that cashless tolling allows drivers to maintain a streamlined traffic flow, significantly cutting lane changing, weaving and merging, reducing the associated sideswipes and rear-end collisions. What is true for passenger vehicles is also true for PrePass Plus customers who travel that tolled bridge.

The Port Authority anticipates even greater safety improvements, as well as further travel time savings and emission reductions, when the agency’s three Hudson River crossings are also converted to cashless tolling by 2021. It’s the familiar story of improved safety and efficiency for PrePass and PrePass Plus customers.