You are a smart motor carrier. An intelligent owner-operator. You know the value of a weigh station bypass program which includes:

  • Saving time, fuel and money by not slogging slowly through scales are primary benefits but bypassing also reduces stress on your equipment.
  • Bypass service reduces uncertainty in your day, leading to more reliable and timely deliveries. In a low-margin industry like trucking, satisfied customers are key.
  • Shippers prefer trucking companies who participate in a bypass service. You qualified for pre-clearance which demonstrates your commitment to safety.
  • An often overlooked benefit of weigh station bypass is driver retention. Safety-conscious drivers want to work for carriers that also value safety and their productivity.

These are all good reasons to participate in a weigh station bypass program. That’s why smart and intelligent truckers seek to qualify and stay qualified for bypass. But now that you use PrePass, here are five ways to get the most out of it:

  1. Stay INFORM(ed). No, that’s not a misprint. Your PrePass account gives you free access to valuable management tools: INFORM Safety and INFORM Tolling. These exclusive software programs present safety and tolling data in an easy-to-use, intuitive format so you can quickly understand information and make decisions.
  2. Stay Alert. The PrePass app not only expands your bypass coverage to more locations but comes equipped with PrePass ALERTS™. PrePass ALERTS allow you to receive proactive visual and audible notifications of upcoming road hazards and locations including work zones, traffic incidents, congestion, weather, truck parking and more. The PrePass app also works seamlessly with the PrePass transponder for complete bypass coverage and toll payment services.
  3. Stay efficient. Toll authorities charge for use on 340 roads, tunnels and bridges across the U.S., and tolling continues to expanding as rates increase. Managing invoices from all these toll facilities and reconciling or disputing charges can be a management nightmare. The PrePass Plus service combines weigh station bypass with automated toll payments, one bill for all toll authorities, access to toll road discounts, and management of violation and toll disputes.
  4. Stay safe. When state and trucking industry leaders worked together to develop PrePass in the late 1980’s, they shared a focus on safety. PrePass continues to operate today through a mission of safe highway transportation. This means PrePass supports you where you work by providing industry-leading customer service.
  5. Stay informed. Participation in the PrePass bypass program comes with free expert advice, alerts to upcoming federal regulations and safety events, and detailed guidance on compliance issues. Explore the many content offerings under the PrePass Blog, the “Eyes on the Road” podcast, and Resource Library.