PrePass weigh station bypass service is now available in the Geotab Marketplace. This integration provides qualified motor carriers a trusted and reliable option to expand bypass opportunities and help improve fleet safety and efficiency.

The PrePass app works in the background on the Geotab Drive application, delivering passive audio and visual notifications as drivers approach weigh stations, available truck parking and hazardous areas. Qualifying carriers receive weigh station bypass message alerts that notify them to bypass, pull-in or follow road signs at PrePass-enabled weigh station sites across the country. This allows carriers to maximize on-duty driving time and save money associated with excessive idling through one device in the cab.

Geotab’s telematics solution, utilized by more than two million vehicles around the world, enables businesses to make data-driven decisions to help them better manage their fleets. Processing more than 40 billion data points each day, Geotab provides customers with the tools needed to monitor and optimize vehicle efficiencies, including fuel consumption, engine data, driver productivity and safety, and hours-of-service. Geotab’s open platform enables customers to customize their data to meet the needs of their operations by allowing users to select and introduce new features to their fleet, including the PrePass app.

As a bundled service, the PrePass app works seamlessly with an optional RFID transponder to support electronic toll payment services. Customers also receive access to INFORM™ Safety software to help assess safety performance and improve safety scores. INFORM supplies inspection, violation, and weigh station bypass data dashboards available only through PrePass.

Learn more by reading this press release.