Trucking has a love-hate relationship with toll roads, bridges and tunnels. On one hand, toll roads are usually the quickest and most direct routes for making pickups and deliveries. On the other hand, the cost of tolls quickly adds up and continues to get more expensive.

Watch this PrePass webinar, “How to Take Control of Fleet Toll Costs,” and learn how you can take some simple steps to help reduce and manage tolling costs immediately and in the future.

Hear from two PrePass experts, Jarrod Del Prado, senior director of operations, and Drew Anderson, INFORM program manager. They examine toll agency structures and the history of tolling. More importantly, they look at recent tolling trends and how these trends can affect your operation.

You will also learn how to use intuitive reporting tools for organized toll management. This includes using INFORM™ Tolling software from PrePass. It’s used for managing expensive administrative challenges, such as toll violations, vehicle misclassifications and maximum tolls. You will also learn strategies for avoiding peak tolling times, managing your toll payment transponders and preventing the increasing problem of toll fraud.

Watch this highly informative webinar, “How to Take Control of Fleet Toll Costs,” so you can start saving money today.