PrePass has rolled out a new, streamlined enrollment process for qualified trucks to bypass select agricultural inspection stations in Florida, including those involved in non-agricultural hauling.

These enhancements to the PrePass Agriculture service, the first phase of which took effect on Jan. 1, 2019, allows applicants to sign up for the service by email, rather than just by U.S. mail. The change accelerates the enrollment process by at least two weeks.

The second phase, which will allow applications to be filed electronically and instantaneously, will begin at a later date.

Currently, all trucks traveling in Florida, unless already enrolled in PrePass Agriculture, must pull into the agricultural inspection stations operated by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS). This includes trucks hauling non-agriculture cargo as well as those separately enrolled in the PrePass standard weigh station bypass service.

PrePass Agriculture is a free add-on service to a PrePass or PrePass Plus account. Also, there is no charge to apply. FDACS will only approve motor carriers that do not haul dedicated agricultural cargo.

PrePass customers wishing to use PrePass Agriculture, can use either a transponder or the PrePass mobile app, MOTION. The PrePass MOTION app gives carriers the option to expand bypass opportunities using iOS, Android and select telematics mobile devices, in conjunction with the PrePass transponder.

As with PrePass and PrePass Plus service, qualifying trucks can also use the windshield-mounted transponder to transmit and receive messages while approaching an inspection station. A green light and audible signal will alert the driver that the vehicle has qualified to bypass the agriculture inspection facility. A red light and signal indicates the need to pull into the station.

Florida is currently the only state that allows certain carriers to bypass agriculture inspection stations. Trucks that are not hauling agriculture, aquaculture or horticulture cargo and who do not drive refrigerated units (loaded or empty) can qualify by submitting an application to PrePass.

For more information, contact PrePass by calling 800-773-7277. You can apply for this bypass opportunity by logging on to PrePass Agriculture website.