Fixed sites are generally located on interstate highways and at locations where individual states have invested resources to build a scale house and inspection station staffed with trained, dedicated personnel.

Mobile sites are exactly just that – mobile, and more difficult to define. They may be located at a closed rest area or may simply be a wide spot adjacent to a primary or secondary road that enforcement might occasionally use for special commercial vehicle checks. These locations may or may not have infrastructure components such as a scale or license plate reader. In most cases, they are areas that can be geo-fenced to target commercial vehicles.

HELP’s Board of Directors and the majority of PrePass states continue to focus on new fixed sites and site enhancements, including the addition of weigh-in-motion scales (WIMs). WIMs weigh commercial vehicles as they travel on main roadway lanes at highway speeds, further reducing the need for qualified vehicles running at a legal weight to pull into weigh stations. Data has shown that fixed sites continue to provide the greatest value and safety to industry, enforcement and the motoring public.