The second in a series of PrePass whitepapers about how motor carriers can improve their safety records tackles the technical and dauntingly complex world of hazardous materials regulations.

“BASICs – Improving Hazardous Materials Compliance” explains how the different Behavior Analysis and Safety Improvement Categories (BASICs) work in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s Compliance, Safety, Accountability program.

Motor carriers will learn how they can improve their Inspection Selection System (ISS) scores, including why haz-mat compliance is more than just displaying the right placards and having shipping papers handy. You will also learn hazardous materials compliance depends on thorough communication throughout the transportation cycle.

Carriers can use this whitepaper to navigate the technical hazmat compliance journey, making it easy to understand. Leading off with the top 10 hazmat violations you should avoid, the whitepaper also takes you step-by-step through “five communications links” that correspond to important management duties and the progress of hazmat cargo from loading to delivery.

At each link in the hazmat chain, you will learn what hazmat information must be communicated and which member of the team has the immediate opportunity to ensure that the communication is accurate and thorough. Most important, you will see that it takes an entire motor carrier team to transport hazardous materials correctly and safely.

Start working to improve your SMS BASICs by downloading “BASICs – Improving Hazardous Materials Compliance.”

You can download the other whitepapers in this series by going to the PrePass Resource Library.