Costs for insurance and availability of coverage are significantly affecting the trucking industry. Premiums are up, deductibles are increasing, coverage may be more restricted or may not be available. Worst of all, the problem does not appear to be improving.

Watch the PrePass webinar, “Why Truck Insurance Costs Are Increasing and What Fleets Can Do to Save Money.” Learn from an insurance industry expert who explores the problem and presents solutions you can apply with your trucking business.

During the webinar you will learn:

  • What to expect in insurance costs over the next five years
  • What insurers look for in underwriting a motor carrier
  • Effect of Safety Measure System scores on insurance underwriting
  • How to best position your operation to protect against “nuclear verdicts”

Delivering this presentation is Joe Hutelmyer, chief operating officer at the Motor Carrier Insurance Education Foundation. This group is dedicated to helping educate motor carriers so they better understand insurance in order to become a desirable insured carrier plus helping insurance providers better understand the world of trucking. Hutelmyer has nearly 40-years of experience in the trucking insurance arena.

Watch this informative webinar, “Why Truck Insurance Costs Are Increasing and What Fleets Can Do to Save Money.”

After watching this webinar, if you want more information about how to deal with increasing trucking insurance costs, listen to an episode of the “Eyes on the Road” trucking podcast from earlier this year. In “Skyrocketing Trucking Insurance Rates and How to Deal with Cost Increases” you will learn how FMCSA safety scores can be used against trucking fleets, resulting in higher insurance rates and less coverage, and how truckers can reverse this with better safety practices.