Electronic logging devices have been part of trucking life since 2016. The devices record a driver’s hours of service and display, transfer, or print out that information for roadside enforcement. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has a long list of technical standards any ELD must meet.

In Canada, an accredited independent organization must be first approve an ELD before that country will accept its use on the road.

In the U.S., on the other hand, FMCSA allows ELD providers to self-certify and register their devices. FMCSA will revoke an ELD’s registration if the device does not meet the agency’s minimum standards. Some ELD providers also choose to self-revoke their device’s registration.

When FMCSA revokes an ELD registration, it sends out an industry notice. Motor carriers and drivers are directed to

  1. Discontinue using the revoked device(s) and revert to paper logs or logging software to record required hours of service data.
  2. Replace the revoked device(s) with compliant ELD(s) from FMCSA’s registered devices list within 60 days.

For example, in recent weeks, FMCSA revoked three ELD registrations:

  1. ELD Name: ELD ONE; Model Number: OELD01; Provider: TMS ONE; 60-day replacement deadline: April 1, 2023.
  2. ELD Name: Nationwide ELD; Model Number: NWTELDV1.1; Provider: Nationwide Technologies Inc.; 60-day replacement deadline: April 4, 2023.
  3. ELD Name: ELD ELD; Model Number: 1020; Provider: ONE PLUS ELD (n/k/a 1 PL Logs); 60-day replacement deadline: April 10, 2023.

Not sure whether your ELD is “registered” or “revoked”? Go to FMCSA’s ELD List webpage. There you can see a listing of more than 800 ELDs that have been registered with the agency, along with a separate listing of more than 120 devices that have had their registrations revoked. You can also use the “search” function to find your ELD name and model.

Operating in Canada? See their approved ELD list on the Transport Canada website.

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