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FMCSA Examining Electronic IDs for Trucks

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has granted a petition from the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance to consider requiring all interstate commercial motor vehicles to have devices installed that electronically transmit driver, carrier, and truck data. These “universal identification devices” would allow roadside enforcement to identify and perhaps even monitor the condition of drivers and CMVs on the highway. Read more and submit your comments about this proposal.

How to Keep Toll Costs from Eating into Your Bottom Line

Every day, tolling authorities apply higher fees for using cashless tolling by license plate, penalties for toll violations, and interest on late or disputed payments. These charges can lead to very expensive and unexpected situations. Learn how to get control of your toll spending and protect your trucking operation’s overall profitability by reducing toll expenses, costly penalties, and accruing interest. Watch this webinar, “How to Keep Toll Costs from Eating into Your Bottom Line.”

U.S. DOT Responds to Making Truck Parking a Priority

The U.S. Transportation Department is responding to pressure from two major trucking groups to prioritize building more truck parking. While the 2021 infrastructure funding bill does not specifically designate money to increase truck parking availability, it does make truck parking funding an eligible item in several other infrastructure programs. Read more about this.

Learn How 3 Carriers Solved Their Safety Score Problems

Highway safety is important to motor carriers, truck drivers, employees, and motorists on the road. Maintaining and improving a truck fleet’s safety record can reduce liability claims and prevent “nuclear verdicts” from court cases. But earning a good safety score can be difficult. With INFORM Safety from PrePass you get the tools, and a straightforward software dashboard to help find, understand, and take steps to improve your fleet’s safety score. Read how INFORM Safety can help you.

California Law Puts the Future of All Owner Operators in Doubt

Now that California’s controversial Assembly Bill 5 is in effect, changes are quickly happening for many owner-operator truckers inside and outside the Golden State. Listen to this episode of the “Eyes on the Road” podcast to hear what changes you can expect in the coming months and years. Chris Shimoda of the California Trucking Association also discusses why CTA is working to overturn the new law, how it could lead to federal legislation from Congress, and more. Listen now to “Eyes on the Road.”

What Trucking Can Learn from Recent Roadcheck Results

Every year the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance organizes truck inspectors from the U.S., Canada, and Mexico for an intensive enforcement effort called International Roadcheck. A look back at Roadcheck results from recent years reveals trend lines, showing where commercial vehicle law enforcement and the trucking industry must improve highway safety together. Read more about the most common violations in the PrePass blog.

Trucking Technology and Personal Responsibility

In trucking and highway safety, we speak of the dangers of “distracted driving.” Put that phone down and keep your eyes on the road, we tell our fellow four-wheelers and truckers. But sometimes, the technology intended to assist our safe driving tasks can dampen our attention to the road. An alarming rise in crashes due to distracted driving is prompting the FMCSA to study how people react to automated driving systems. Read more and comment on this FMCSA plan.

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